cyber shelling alert

Here you go Cyber Shellers! Now you can virtually shell from the comfort of your own home with the help of this wonderful world wide web. Go ahead, click on the next photo so you can be right there on the beach with me when thousands of shells were piling up at Blind Pass Captiva days after Hurricane Isaac passed by in the Gulf Of Mexico. I did not arrange any of these shells! This is exactly what it looked like as they rushed up with each wave so try to find as many shells that you can!

On your mark… get set…. SHELL!

virtual cyber shelling seashells

If you need help with identifying any shells, click here on my SEASHELL IDENTIFICATION page.

PS- Please accept my apologies for those of you that I met on the beach this week and have not yet shown off your treasures. This week was so very eventful, I had to take a day or 2 to catch up. I promise I will post them soon because y’all are MY treasures! xo