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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Whimsical World Of Worm Shells

Posted by on Jun 4, 2015 in Fargo Worm Shell, Florida Worm Shell, Variable Worm Snail, Worm Rock, Worm Shell | 36 comments

Pam Rambo Worm Shell Mirror frame Sanibel Island

WORM SHELLS don’t follow any rules of symmetry or structure as they twist and stretch in all kinds of crazy ways doin’ their own thang- that’s why I love them so much. No two are alike!

Oodles of whimsical worm shells

That’s also why I love to use them in art projects like the large shell mirror in the top photo and for mermaid locks of hair.

Mermaid sculpture with worm shell hair

And for smaller frames…

pam rambo worm shell frame

In Southwest Florida, we have a few different kinds of WORM SHELLS that wash up on our beaches although I never really think about their differences… Im just always thrilled to find any WORM SHELL but I think it’s time I show you the differences.

Here are the 3 varieties of WORM SHELLS we have in our area. In the next photo from left to right… VARIABLE WORM SHELL, FARGO WORM SHELL, FLORIDA WORM SHELL

Petaloconchus varians Variable worm rock Vermicularia fargoi fargo knorrii florida worm shell

You’ve seen me post WORM SHELLS a million times but I don’t think I ever even say “FARGO WORM SHELL”. I always think “WORMIE!” so who cares what kind- haha. So yes, this is the FARGO WORM SNAIL – Vermicularia fargoi – which comes in many various color forms.

Vermicularia fargoi Forgo Worm snail shell color forms

These little cutie shellooties are the FLORIDA WORM SHELL – Vermicularia knorrii – (or KNORR’S WORM SNAIL). Look at those sweet little white tips!

Vermicularia knorrii Florida worm snail shell color forms

Just so you can see the differences in size of the FARGOs and FLORIDAs…

Vermicularia fargoi and knorrii color forms and sizes

WORM SHELLS are even fun when they are broken too. Sanibel local sheller Cherry uses them to make wooden plaques with her granddaughters’ names on them… Ella and Grace.

seashell and wood sign

These are THE cutest!!!

seashell name wall hanging sign

There’s another type of WORM SHELL… the VARIABLE WORM SHELL- Petaloconchus varians. This is the one I call WORM ROCK because it really doesn’t look like a snail shell but instead it looks like a big ol’ hunk of rock or dark CORAL. Theses snails can grow into large colonies which look similar to CORAL REEF structures.

Petaloconchus varians Variable worm snail shell colonies

The wonderful, whimsical world of WORM SHELLS. Be still my heart.

Whimsical wonderful world of worm shells

PS- To see all of the different places that we’ve found WORM SHELLS and more photos of them, CLICK HERE and scroll down through all of the pages of posts.

Come with me on a Shelling Adventure and maybe we will find some together.

pam rambo shelling trips


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Shelling on South Seas Island Resort

Posted by on Jul 21, 2010 in Captiva, Conch, Fighting Conch, Florida Worm Shell, Kitten's Paw, Olive, Worm Shell | 22 comments

Bird in paradise

I was tickled to be able to go shelling on South Seas Island Resorton Captiva Island yesterday.  I’ve been hearing about the big shell pile on the north tip by the jetty along Redfish Pass…… I was not disappointed. Now, that’s a shell pile! I found lots of different shells like WHELKS and FIGHTING CONCHS but tons of LETTERED OLIVES and KITTEN’S PAWS with both sides together.

Lettered Olives on a jetty rock

Whole Kitten's paws

If you know me? You know I loooove WORM SHELLS!  Oh yeaya, I got me some WORMS SHELLS. They were just sitting on top!

Worm shell just waiting to be picked

Worm shell on top of the pile

Florida worm shell

I did place this last one on a broken clam shell so you could see the color, the funky curl and the little white tip. I just love them- call me crazy.

Brenda (Loxahatchee, FL)

A South Seas guest, Brenda, was in her own heaven finding FIGHTING CONCHS. She told me she makes tables with them that she uses in her home on the East coast of Florida.

South Seas Resort beach with shells

You have to be an owner or a South Seas Island Resort guest to access this part of the beach.  I felt fortunate that I was asked to be a guest by a friend….sweet, huh?  So, if you are staying there, you practically have first dibs on the shells.

South Seas Island Resort entrance

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