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Smell The Salt In The Sanibel Captiva Air

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The beach will color your world

Sunny blue skies, aqua water and warm breezes have filled our beach days in Southwest Florida this week- it’s been absolutely gorgeous!

seashells on the beach- Captiva Island Florida

But last week, we had some dark skies, rain and a cool (60s) weather front from the west move through to bring some unusual shells. Susan from Wisconsin found what looked to be an AMERICAN STAR-SHELL at Lighthouse Beach. That is a common shell in Caribbean waters but not often on Sanibel or Captiva. UPDATE: MurexKen notified me that this is most likely a MACULATED TOP SHELL which is from IndoPacific region…. NOT an AMERICAN STAR-SHELL. Oops!

susan from wisconson found an american star shell sanibel

Check out my post from our Road Trip To The Florida Keys to see our AMERICAN STAR-SHELLS we found there to compare this…

American star-shell found on sanibel island

Then compare it to the MACULATED TOP SHELL at . Yes, he’s absolutely right- it’s not a shell that is found in our area… it’s what I call a “Wedding Shell”. Folks who decorate for weddings and parties on our beaches buy bags of shells (which originate in the Philippines or other IndoPacific areas)  then spread them on the beach for decoration. Then they get washed out by the tide or thrown in and the shell gets washed up again to have a collector like  Susan pick it up. I will do a post on these “Wedding Shells” very soon- I promise since this happens way too often. Thank you MurexKen for pointing it out to me!

susan found an american star shell on Sanibel island

Okay- lets get back to the beach….

I saw the Shellucky Luckett Ladies again at the beach last week too when that cold front came through. Cuties!

shellucky luckett ladies shelling sanibel

Martha (far right in the Shellucky Luckett Ladies photo) found this amazing LIONS PAW! Shellzam! See? Thats why they are called “Shellucky”!

martha's lions paw

When the sun came out and the weather warmed up, I headed to Captiva to do my favorite type of beach combing and experience the art of shelling…. SMELL the salt in the air, FEEL the sand between your toes, LISTEN to Beach Sounds by Mother Nature, LOOK at the seascapes and seashells, and RELAX.

beachcombing Captiva Florida

On my journey, I saw this…

zig zag flat scallop cybershelling

Such a gift. Thank you Mother Nature for this beautiful ZIG ZAG FLAT SCALLOP!

beautiful flat scallop Captiva Florida

But even better, I found a STRAWBERRY COCKLE! I know it doesn’t look like much and these are more common in the Caribbean as well, but they just aren’t common here so it’s always a happy day to find one (I think this makes only 4 in our collection from Sanibel or Captiva.

strawberry cockle found on Captiva Island Florida

This is exactly how I found this sweet SAND DOLLAR.

sand dollar cybershelling

I love calm days after a “storm” of busy days to slow stroll along the beach to see it lined with shellions of treasures like KITTENS PAWS, DARK CERITHS, CHESTNUT TURBANS, PAINTED EGG COCKLES and LADY-IN-WAITING CLAMS like these.

collecting seashells on Captiva Island florida

shelling adventures trips by pam


Warm Sandy Beach Wishes

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variety of seashells on Sanibel Island Florida

When the weather on Sanibel and Captiva is in the high 70s and low 80s during the winter months like now, it’s hard not to be outside every minute of the day… so the world slips away. This weekend, Clark and I took a few walks on the beach at Gulfside City Park to find beautiful shells like the ones in my hand. Clark was scooping just at the waters edge with his big metal shelling backhoe to pull up the LACE MUREX (Lacie!) and that very cool HORSE CONCH. We both found more MUREXES, CONCHS and WHELKS but gave them to some nice folks on the beach. And then the fog started rolling in…then out…. then in again. It was wild! 

foggy day on sanibel

I found some beauties on the north end of Captiva at South Seas Island Resort last week too.

shells on the beach at South Seas Island Resort Captiva

Although you can only get to this beach if you are staying at South Seas Resort (or its a very long walk from Alison Hagerup Parking lot in Captiva)… if you are there, look for a nice shelly area near Sunset Beach

seashells wash in south seas resort captiva florida

It’s always a treat to find a SAND DOLLAR wash up at your feet.

sand dollar in sand captiva

I found a sweet baby SUNRAY VENUS right near the SAND DOLLAR.

sunray venus  clam south seas resort shell

And right next to the SUNRAY VENUS was this pretty little SPECKLED TELLIN. Weehoo!

speckled tellin captiva south seas resort

After so much sand was pumped onto the beaches of Captiva a couple of months ago, some of it is already being claimed back by King Neptune. You can see two different erosion lines…

beach erosion south seas plantation

I could see shells stuck in the side of the erosion ledge so I started pulling a few out. Can you see that AUGER packed into the side?

sea shells packed in sand from erosion

I also pulled this bad boy out of the “cliff”. A FLAT SCALLOP. Voila!

flat scallop south seas resort captiva

seashells and sea foam on Sanibel island

Sending you warm sandy beach wishes of blue skies and cybershells…

 beach art smiley face with seaweed hair


Blind Pass Flat Out Beautiful

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flat zig zag scallop purple bp

This ZIG ZAG FLAT SCALLOP is flat out gorgeous. I saw Barb from GA coming off the beach last night at Blind Pass with a bag filled with shells so I had to ask what she found.

Barb GA captiva sunset florida

She found five FLATS, OLIVES, TULIPS and a few other goodies (including that awesome piece of CORAL) as she waded in the water along the shore of Captiva. Now you can see how big that beautiful purple FLAT is…

seashells and sun flowers

There is a beach renourishment project on the northern end of Captiva right now so I’m sure some of that sand has shifted south already with the wind and currents. I haven’t been shelling near the dredging site since it began because there is no public parking. Rats! Besides the Blind Pass (Turner Beach) parking, there is only one other Captiva public parking lot – Alison Hagerup lot… but that is closed to the public until they move the project equipment. Can you believe how much sand has filled in near the jetty rocks? Hmmm… but not many shells on the beach- only sand. Yall know how fast the beach can change so if I know of any shell piles showing up, I’ll keep you posted. But remember, Barb found her shells in the water.

sand beach blind pass captiva

As Barb and I talked about her shells, the sun was setting right in front of us. Ahhhhh. I love a Captiva sunset.

captiva sunset 3 palms

 PS- I just heard there are a few shells at Bowman’s Beach as well. After adding this sunset photo, I saw that Lisa S. posted this next photo on iLS Facebook page. She said “I had to really work for it, but these beauties were all found on Bowman’s Beach today! I was so excited to find my first Alphabet cone!” Congrats on finding your first Alphie Lisa!

lisa spencer shells bowmans beach sanibel

shelling adventures trips by pam


A SpectacSheller Shelling Party

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shells collect around rocks

We haven’t seen a huge shell mound form at the jetty rocks on the Captiva side of Blind Pass in months and months. So to see folks like Sue from MA sittin’ and siftin’ through a shell mound almost 2 feet deep, made me want to jump for joy then lay down in that pile and make shell angels like we did as a kid in the snow. Sitting and sifting at one spot, Sue filled up her mesh shell bag with treasures like this FLORIDA CONE, FLAT SCALLOP  and lots of APPLE MUREXES…

seashell collection on the beach

Susan from Cape Coral found her own stash of goodies too…

susan cape coral florida shell beach

These are just some of her besties … but notice the GAUDY NATICA (COLORFUL MOON) on the top of her right hand? Becky from Memphis (September 26 post) asked to see that shell when I was ooohing and ahhhing over it because she had never seen one before. Susan said “Well of course!” then showed Becky the GAUDY NATICA …. then told her to keep it because she had a few already. Every day I meet such amazing people on our beaches! That was so sweet Susan!

susan shells gaudy natica moon turban murex conch

Linda (Safety Harbor, FL)  had her own spot in shell heaven. We all were just having the best time hanging out on the big pile just digging away finding gem and gem. It was a shelling party!

linda safety harbor visit captiva seashells

Isn’t it incredible that she was sitting in this same spot too and uncovered so many shells to fill up her bag? These were a few of her besties …

shells beach bling blind pass captiva

Teresa from TN was no exception in finding great shells to fill up her bag AND joining in on the fun of looking at everybody’s favorite shells.

teresa shell collecting sanibel captiva


teresa TN gaudi natica whelk olives

Ginger from KY found the best SHARKS EYE Ive seen in months.

Ginger sharks eye KY shell pile


sharks eye shell captiva sanibel

It was the perfect weekend to have a spectasheller shell party!

finding lots of shells to collect in south west florida

shells from Captiva sanibel florida september

But what would the party be without you? Grab a seat and start siftin’ with a little CYBERSHELLING! (click to enlarge this next photo)

cybershelling cyber photo shells


The Amazing Shell Mound

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Lori lots of seashells

 The mound of shells at Captiva’s Blind Pass has been a treasure trove for over a month now. I figured it had to be picked over so much that only broken shells were left (not that there’s anything wrong with that ;) ) … but I would be wrong. This amazing shell mound just keep on giving! Lori and her husband Justine from New Mexico found keepers on that big ole mound… and also in the water.

dustin lori seashells captiva florida

Look at this loot! Pretty dang good finds of CONCHS, OLIVES, TULIPS, WHELKS and even a SHARKS EYE…

find seashells florida

Susan and Sam from Tennessee were loving life finding shells and enjoying the perfect weather in the mid 80s with a killer cool breeze.

susan sam shells captiva florida

seashells from florida may iLS

Ray and Rena (Fort Myers) were all smiles while enjoying the day and filling up their 2 bags with shells…

ray rena ft myers seashells

Rena even found three FALT SCALLOPS!

flat scallop zigzag captiva florida

We’ve had strong east winds for a couple of days now so some of the Sanibel beaches don’t have as many shells on them as this spot by the jetty rocks. So plop on down and enjoy the day at Blind Pass Captiva tomorrow if you arent having luck any where else.

captiva crouch shells

Or…. you have to be as adventurous as Kristi E’s son. Kristi E posted this photo on the iLoveShelling Facebook page and wrote… “Just had to post! My 14 y/o found his first junonia Tuesday on Captiva, about 1.5 mi north of Blind Pass at high tide about 10 ft out, so exciting!” . I couldnt help but share this! Congratshellations!

Kristi E son junonia captiva



The Jewels Of The Jetty

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finding buckets of shells

All along the jetty rocks at Captiva’s Blind Pass, there are still bucketfuls of shell jewels to be found at low tide. It was so much fun seeing Michelle of Buckingham, Florida wading and working the water to pluck out so many beautiful gems. She found a shellacious ALPHABET CONE and too many other perfect shells to count! I also saw Steve and Karen (MI) with their grandsons Noah and Josh from Lakeland, FL with a tons of shells ready to pack up in the car after a great afternoon shelling. It was really good to see you guys again and seeing you had another successful day at Blind Pass.

grandparents seashells florida

Mark had lots of great luck finding shells with his snorkel gear! He and his mom Brenda were so cute enjoying everything there was to enjoy about looking for shells. They get it! It’s a treasure hunt! If the shells aren’t on the beach, you’ve got to get in the water to look for them.

mother son seashell hunters

Then I met the rest of the family and fell in love with every one of them. Here’s (clockwise) Brenda, Mark (Mark Senior … but lets just call him BigMark), Mark, Conner, Renee, and Aiden. See? Happiness.

Family beach seashells

And they had major success! This is just a few of their jetty jewels…

captiva island seashells april

Over the weekend, Clark and I hit just about every beach and had success at each one but only brought few home (there’s only so many shells one can find room for!). This FLAT SCALLOP Clark found is our favorite shell that made the cut. I actually think this one is the prettiest one we have in all of our collection. I didn’t get a chance to take a close up but it is rich purple with a detailed line then light purple on the bottom.

Clark purple flat

Everybody always asks me where they can find SAND DOLLARS but like all shelling, it’s timing, tides, currents and just being darn lucky. Our friend Mary was lucky at the Sanibel Causeway Beach where she found this SAND DOLLAR. Wow! I had no idea SAND DOLLARS were there. Something surprising every day.

mary sand dollar cone

Okay, one more surprise. At dusk last night at the Lighthouse Beach…. we saw a SCREECH OWL! He was in the parking lot right next to the beach path. Can you see him?

Sanibel screech owl lighthouse beach

Hmmmm. Where’s your sticker or hang tag, dude?

sanibel handicap screech owl