Lori lots of seashells

 The mound of shells at Captiva’s Blind Pass has been a treasure trove for over a month now. I figured it had to be picked over so much that only broken shells were left (not that there’s anything wrong with that ;) ) … but I would be wrong. This amazing shell mound just keep on giving! Lori and her husband Justine from New Mexico found keepers on that big ole mound… and also in the water.

dustin lori seashells captiva florida

Look at this loot! Pretty dang good finds of CONCHS, OLIVES, TULIPS, WHELKS and even a SHARKS EYE…

find seashells florida

Susan and Sam from Tennessee were loving life finding shells and enjoying the perfect weather in the mid 80s with a killer cool breeze.

susan sam shells captiva florida

seashells from florida may iLS

Ray and Rena (Fort Myers) were all smiles while enjoying the day and filling up their 2 bags with shells…

ray rena ft myers seashells

Rena even found three FALT SCALLOPS!

flat scallop zigzag captiva florida

We’ve had strong east winds for a couple of days now so some of the Sanibel beaches don’t have as many shells on them as this spot by the jetty rocks. So plop on down and enjoy the day at Blind Pass Captiva tomorrow if you arent having luck any where else.

captiva crouch shells

Or…. you have to be as adventurous as Kristi E’s son. Kristi E posted this photo on the iLoveShelling Facebook page and wrote… “Just had to post! My 14 y/o found his first junonia Tuesday on Captiva, about 1.5 mi north of Blind Pass at high tide about 10 ft out, so exciting!” . I couldnt help but share this! Congratshellations!

Kristi E son junonia captiva