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Coquina Butterfly Kisses

Tropical Storm Chantal may have fizzled out in the Caribbean thank goodness, but she sure has left Southwest Florida with rain, rain, rain. That’s made it difficult for our regular beach combing but we did sneak out to...

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Collecting Coquinas

The double COQUINAS are back! We do see single COQUINAS all year long on our beaches of Sanibel and Captiva but I don’t see these beautiful butterfly shaped shells all year long like we’ve seen lately. It was so much...

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Crayola Color Wheel Coquinas

Hundreds of COQUINAS of every color were washing up on the east end of the island (Sanibel) last week.  We tried to be picky so we wouldn’t pick up too many of the pairs but after getting them home, I realized we had...

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Rainbows and Coquinas

This little angel with the rainbow is one of my mom’s favorite photos I took last summer so I wanted to show it again since she isn’t feeling well right now. I left Sanibel after the July 4th parade to stay with her...

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