coquinas sand dollar colors

Hundreds of COQUINAS of every color were washing up on the east end of the island (Sanibel) last week.

sand dollar coqunas

 We tried to be picky so we wouldn’t pick up too many of the pairs but after getting them home, I realized we had oodles of beautiful COQUINAS in every Crayola color.

coquinas sand dollar colors closeup

 We all love COQUINAS, don’t we? Look at the stripes and patterns in this next photo…

coquinas sand dollar colors copy

 While Clark and I were on the COQUINA hunt, we met Doug and Amy visiting from Illinois. It was so nice to meet you guys!

Doug Amy shelling couple

 BTW, Doug reminded me that “There is no noise in Illinois”. LOL I don’t know why I can’t remember the silent “s”- heehee- sorry  yall!