Coquina seashells Sanibel

Carol's Colors of Coquinas

It’s like a butterfly rainbow in the sand. The colors of these COQUINAS are so brilliant. This is so funny…. I posted this photo, then saw all the grains of sand on them and actually blew on it to get the sand off. LOL  Too much sun today maybe???

Shellers Shelling scoop

Carol and Richard (Illinois)

Guess who this is! It’s CShells (Carol) the GiveAway winner of the Susick Sea Shell Sifter and her new shelling scoop. I met Carol and Richard at Gulfside City Park beach today to give her the prize. She started test driving her new scoop right away and we found these beautiful coquinas together while walking the beach. It was so nice to meet them both.

coquina shells Sanibel

Coquina shells

Remember my video of the live Coquinas? Check it out… Coquina Cover-up.

Snorkelers finding shells

Shelling Snorkelers

Surf at GulfSide City Park Sanibel

Surf at GulfSide City Park Sanibel