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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

First Book Signing for Pam’s Guide To Speaking Shellanguage

pam rambo author shellanguage book

What’s the best way to shellebrate National Seashell Day on June 21, 2017?

By going to the nearest beach in the morning then heading to the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum from 12:30 to 1:30! I’m doing my first book signing of my silly little brand new shell book called “Pam Rambo’s Guide To Speaking Shellanguage” on the biggest day of the year dedicated to the shelling community at the best seashell place on the planet – the Shell Museum.

pam rambo shell love bug shellanguage


Oh wait… You can’t be at the Shell Museum on National Seashell Day? Then I have some ideas for you…. Have your own shelluau party! Sort your shells and shelldazzle your dinner table. Decorate your front porch in fabshellous shell baskets. Invite your friends over for a shellebration! Make shell crafts. Make seashell jewelry. Take a bunch of shellfies and post them to facebook ans tag iLoveShelling facebook page– I’d love to see them. Any sort of shellnanigans will do!

And the best idea yet … Order my shellarious “Shellanguage” book for $12.99 as a gift for your favorite sheller from the Shell Museum before June 21 and I will autograph it for you at the book signing then it can be shipped to any U.S. address for $3 (plus tax outside Florida). Shellzam! You can call the Shell Museum at 239-395-2233 and tell them you’d like to buy a book from the gift shop.

Abrashelldabra! You’ll have an autographed book coming to you soon. :)

Shellanguage dedication

OMG… oh yea… and then this happened this week. I can’t believe it’s a best seller!

So don’t forget to share the shellove next week!


Pam Rambo's Guide to Speaking Shellanguage
Pam Rambo’…
The official guide …
By Pam Rambo
Photo book


  1. Congratulations Pam! I think the book should really do well, because it is cute ad pretty and funny. It is really charming, and it makes a fabulous souvenir or gift!

    • Thank you Susan! And thank you so much for all your encouragement over the years. I cant tell you how much youve helped me!

  2. We will see you on the 21st!

    • Yay! Cant wait to see you Angie it will be lots of fun!

  3. I thought National Shell Day was June 20th.

    • Right? Me too! I’ve that that all year but now they say it’s whenever the first day of summer is… and apparently it changes year to year. Huh? Oh well… I’m just going with it. Hahah

  4. Congrats on the publication of your new book: SHELLAGUAGE!!!!! What a thrill for you to accomplish! I majored in Journalism but ended up
    as a Technical Editor. Unfortunately, I was forced to quit at age 30 due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Ironically, those are my initials too.
    Again, enjoy yourself at your fist book signing & soak up the shellstardom on the 21 June at the National Shell Museum! You will have a
    shell-shocked day for sure! Thank you for starting the iLove/ site as well as designing the Shell Love Bug (with the help of a few
    shellinators)! The Shell Love Bug is gorgeous–I wish I had one too! Much Love, Luck & Joy to you always! so

    • Thank you Marianne! But trust me, if you follow my blog you know I am no journalist or professional anything. I just have a passion and am fortunate to have a little bit of an artists eye…. so we all have to go with what we have and enjoy it. So thank you again! Let’s shellebrate what we have in life :)

  5. I received my books today – not only cute/ funny book, but your photographs are Amazing Pam!! Can’t wait to give as gifts for friends & great for guest rooms too – ” you want visitors – move to Florida” !
    CONGRATS on number ONE Best Seller !!!

    • Heeehee thank you Sandy, my Miss sunshine! You are sooooo kind :)

  6. Pam, congratshellations! Your book is a bestsheller! I had a blast reading it today and smiled all the way through. It’s the perfect book for the second national seashell day!

  7. Hi Pam! I just opened my birthday present and it was a copy of your book … shellovely! And I’m super excited that I will be in Sanibel on National Seashell Day so I can get it autographed! Congratulations on a best seller!

  8. Congratshellations Pam on the BestSheller! We will be on your cruise July 10, I hope you will sign Our Shellatious book then!

    • Hi John!! Yessssssss!!! I would love to sign it then! :) :) thank you!

  9. Do you have a schedule for book signing? I will be in Sanibel the last week in June and I wonder if you will be somewhere signing books then.

    • I have a cruise June 26 with Sight Sea-R so I’ll have some with me then and will be signing! Hope you can make it!! :)

  10. Wow!!
    Congrats on your new book! 🐚
    I am back in Oklahoma and so sad I will not get to the Shell Museum to get an autographed copy of your book.
    I just called the museum to arrange to get a book from them.
    Have a wonderful event! 😀

    • That’s shelltastic Kathy! Both shell museum and I are thrilled you called to set that up! I wish I had shellgaritas to shellebrate. Heehee Thank you!

      • You are too funny😀My Margarita bucket will now in your honor be called “shellgarita”. 🍸

  11. Oh, so wish Steamboat Springs was a little closer so we could just run over there and get a book signed. Congratshellations!!! (haha, my own attempt at shellanguage!) We’ll be there in August and we’ll be sure to pick up a copy.

    • Any chance you’ll add another August shelling trip?! We went on one with you a few years ago to Big Hickory. Would love one to Cayo Costa this time around, but we don’t get there until August 16th.

  12. Congrats and happy signing! I ordered my book from the Shell Musuem today and look forward to the signed copy soon. Came to Sanibel in early May and loved my time shelling.

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