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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Shellucky Boating Day


iLoveShelling giveaway shells and stickers

We had a shellucky boat trip shelling adventure yesterday! On each iLoveShelling cruise, every person gets to choose a shell and a bumper sticker out of my very large bucket-o-shells (collected by either Clark or me) to get the day started with at least one shell in your pocket for good luck. It’s the Shellucky Shell… and it works! The forecast for our shelling adventure on Sight Sea-R Cruises out of Fort Myers Beach yesterday was stormy skies and rain so I thought we were going to get rained out… but then…

The rain stopped,

The skies turned blue,

The sun started shining

On our iLoveShelling cruise.

Sight Sea-R cruise boat Fort Myers Beach

Yay! Not only did we have clear skies… we found lots of shells!

Shells found on Big Hickory Island, Bonita Florida

And not only did we have a sunny day finding seashells… we got to hang out with other fabshellous shellers like Ralph, Sharlotte, Beryle, Mitchell and Susie from Texas.

ralph, sharlotte, beryle, mitchell, susie on iLoveShelling cruise

And the shellastic California girls! California girls visit Florida

Did I mention we had a great day finding shells?

Shells of Big Hickory island Bonita Florida

As I said, our day started a little iffy with the weather but then everything turned out shelltastic. Barry (from the east coast of Florida) had a pretty iffy morning even after the skies cleared up. When we got to the island he headed straight to the water, did a few stoops to pick up a few treasures then realized… his iPhone had fallen out of his top pocket. Ack! I saw he had a sick look on his face so he told me what happened… he couldn’t find his phone. My first thought was…. call in the troops! We’ve got a boat load of shellers who looooove to find “things”! So I shouted an announcement down the beach “Everybody look for a lost iPhone!”  I don’t normally shout on the beach but we were the only ones on this beach and I felt like I was with family already… so I figured, why not? Two minutes later, snorkelers Jen and Dwayne found Barry’s phone in the water and held it up like they had just found a JUNONIA. Weeehooo! I love hanging out with shellers- such kind people. Seriously.

Snorkelers Jen and Dwayne found Barry's iPhone

I took this photo of Dwayne snorkeling just moments before I talked to Barry. Its weird how things work… if either Barry or I had waited one more minute to tell other people to look for the phone, Dwayne wouldn’t have been in that exact spot where he found his biggest find of the day. Good eye, Dwayne, good eye!

snorkeling Bonita Beach Florida

What else did Dwayne and Jen find snorkeling? This is just a small sampling of all of their loot. They had two bags full of awesome stuff.

seashells and coral shelling on Big Hickory Island Florida

Guess who else was on the cruise… Conne from Shellabaloo 4. Not only was I happy to see her, I was so happy for her that she found an ALPHABET CONE. Such a cutie.

Conne found an alphabet cone!

Barry’s wife Alex found an ALPHABET CONE too. She didn’t let anything stop her from having a great time!

Alex with alphabet cone in Bonita Beach

Canadians Marilyn and Ted were having luck finding WORM SHELLS, ROSE PETAL TELLINS, SAND DOLLARS and a few SEA PEARLS too.

Canadians Marilyn Ted visit Bonita Florida

I think everybody came home with some lovely treasures.

shells collected on Big Hickory Island

Speaking of lovely treasures, everybody on this iLoveShelling cruise received one more lucky gift… a $25 gift certificate to Sealife By Congress jewelry store on Sanibel. On each iLoveShelling cruise through February, each sheller will receive one too- Wow!


I thank you Sealife By Congress and these folks thank you too… like Jude and Chris from NY

jude chris NY boating in swfl

Karen from Maine…

karen with large coral piece

And Mariann and Bruce from Ohio…

Mariann Bruce Ohio on iLoveShelling shell cruise

We all shared a wonderful day with so many gifts….

Sanibel stoop sheller Big Hickory Island

Finding treasures by the sea.

Lightning whelk shell in the sand

Join us on one of our next iLoveShelling Sight Sea-R shelling cruises! Sight Sea-R Adventures– $50 for 4 hour shelling cruise with iLoveShelling cruise with Pam. Call 239-765-7272 or CLICK HERE . Dont forget, the Sight Sea-R has shelling cruises every Wednesday so even if you can’t make an iLoveShelling cruise, they have other fantabshellous shelling adventures too.

sight sea-r feb 2015

Or join us for more iLoveShelling beachcombing adventures- CLICK HERE for more information.

PS- We aren’t ready just yet…. But….. Be on the lookout for an exciting announcement for the next Shellabaloo! Yay!!!! Soooooon!

PSS- What is Shellabaloo? CLICK HERE to find out.

shelling adventures trips by pam


  1. Ted & I are booked on the January 7, 2015 Shelling Cruise with Pam & Sight See R Cruises! Made my day being able to get this booked!

    • Yeah Muriel!!!!

      • Patti! I am so excited!

    • You will love this cruise! We went yesterday and had the best time ever! Pam is so passionate about shelling and so, so sweet! And… we found some wonderful treasures!

      • Patti! I am so excited!

        Suzie, so glad you enjoyed your cruise! Cant’ wait to be onboard with Pam.

  2. Great finds! Love the alphabet cones. We’re signed up for the Feb. Cayo Costa cruise. Can’t wait to see you then or on the beach at Gulfside Pam. Pat

  3. great finds!!!

    pam – i’m just now going through the shells we picked up when we were there earlier this month, and i’m wondering if there are different kinds of lightening welks. we have some that spiral one way, and then some that spiral the other way. i thought i read somewhere that if they spiral to left they’re a different kind (maybe i have that backwards!). anyway, any info you can pass along would be great.


    • If you look on Pam’s seashell identification page here on this site (see tab at the top of this page), and scroll down to the bottom of it, you will see that as well as lightning whelks, there are also pear whelks on Sanibel. The lightning whelks coil in a left-handed direction, whereas the pear whelks are all right-handed. The pear whelks are also smooth on the shoulder of the shell.

      In addition, a few people have found a few shells that they thought might be actual right-handed lightning whelks (that would be very rare), but as Pam commented a while ago, those were almost certainly just a few small knobbed whelks from further north on the East Coast, shells which people had dumped on the beach when they were throwing out a bowl of seashells that they had collected from more than one place in the US.

      • I have quite a few pear welks so I know what those are. These are not those. They look exactly like my lightening welks. Hmmm…

        • And my husband just reminded me that they’re not all from this trip. We’ve been there 3 times now. All but one came from the other two trips.

  4. It’s nice to see so many people having such a great time! :)

  5. Okay, did the phone survive the salt water bath? I’ve heard you can dry them out by putting them in a bowl of uncooked rice to dry. Or was it a life case?

    • Hi Jeanne, his phone did turn on … Believe it or not… But he turned it back off to let it dry. He had bought the apple care insurance (thank goodness) so He made an appt with the apple store for today- don’t know what happened since but I’m sure they replaced it. Fingers crossed!

      • Thanks for your response. Hope he gets a new one.

  6. Sure wish the Tennessee crowd was with you! Debbie and I have worn our shell necklaces to school many times. Such wonderful memories of a great time on our shelling adventure!

  7. I so wish i could be there. I miss the beach soooooo much! My heart aches seeing all those beautiful photos of beautiful shells! Thanks for everything, Pam!

  8. Love seeing so many happy people with so many beautiful shells! And I’m so happy that Conne found an alphabet cone! Yay!! And have y’all made her husband Terry a true sheller yet, LOL. :)

  9. Pam, this cruise was the highlight of our trip to Sanibel! Meeting you and learning from you was so cool. Thanks for a wonderful time. Can not WAIT to come back to Sanibel!

  10. Oops… forgot to mention that we went to Sealife by Congress to use our $25 gift certificate. We had the pleasure of meeting Jana there at the shop…. she was just a doll and very helpful!

  11. Wow, again very nice pictures and findings. As always I would have loved to be a part of the cruise. Your blog really makes my cool German days. :-)

    Hope to meet you at one of the Sanibel beaches in November :-)

  12. My friend Dianne told me about your site Pam. I have been following it for months now. She and I are planning on joining you on an upcoming trip. Can not wait. We may leave the husbands home this time as we don’t need the competition. “Just Kidding.” Who knows, they may come along also for the support.

  13. I think your beautiful smile chased the rain the clouds and any other storms out of the area so you could make more people happy its seems to something you almost always doyou ,,ght he area around you up if you don’t believe me ask clark that’s why he picked you out. sincerely R.G. STEIN

  14. Hi Pam,Its L-O-R-E-E from Ohio It has been awhile since I have commented on your blog.. We sold our our home and downsized. This is our firstt step to get financially ready to move down to the Sanibel area.. YEA !!!!! We however did not listen to Clark and bought a short sale,,,our home sold in one week…it took us 8 months to finally close on our ” short sale” home.. Was living out of one box and one suitcase apiece in a friends aparatment during the entire wait.. Needless to say after renovating the entire house we are ready for a vacation. Roy surprised me with a two week trip to Sanibel over our birthdays in October.. And just today we signed up for the Oct. 27 shelling cruise with you..Hope Clark will be joining you.. I also had a question about the video on the shark. I thought it looked like someone or something was in the water further out to the right of the shark.. Did you see anything.. Nobody else made mention of it so perhaps my eyes were seeing things. Well, thanks for the continuous enjoyment I get every time I open your site.. See you very soon L-O-R-E-E

  15. Pam, Just back to Oklahoma. Thanks ever so much for the fun cruise to Cayo Costa September 12th. It was good to see you again. My sister Holly and I had such a great time filling up my margarita bucket with shells. My retirement date is October 22nd and I am looking forward to being able to be in Florida for season. Hope to see you on the beach again.

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