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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

It Doesn’t GIT-MO Better Shelling Than This (Video)

triton trumpet gitmo seashells

Cleaning, organizing, photographing and identifying seashells found on vacation takes some time. We all know that, right? So I need just a few more days to show you the rest of our shell collection from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If you missed the first post about our trip CICK HERE. Until then, I’ll take you along with me on a short walk over the rocks and dead coral where I find a few shell treasures and listen to the bay water bubbling up on the shore. Uhhhhh…. and I’m a little excited. Okay ALOT excited. I cant help it! I’m easily excitable when it comes to a shell treasure hunt in a new location…. to say the least. LOL

Hold on tight, y’all!  ……..  But come back to read PART 3 of our GTMO ShellAdventure- CLICK HERE!


  1. Oh my gosh! So very excited for you!!!! What fun! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. WOWEE!!! How exciting! It’s nice to see different shells from other parts of the world! :D

  3. I was excited right along with you! I agree with Moira, it’s amazing to see the sea treasures from other places! Can’t wait to see the rest of your haul! Thanks so much for sharing the ‘shell love’!!

  4. I don’t blame you for being so excited. I would find it hard to leave some shells behind. Does anyone find cowries on Sanibel? There is a lot of dead coral-is there pollution in the area? Can’t wait for more pictures.

  5. Totally Amazing….

  6. Wonderful! Did you have any issues with customs at either end with your loot?

  7. It was great to see & hear your excitement when finding new beautiful shells! I could feel my heart beating faster while watching your video – I felt like I was there with you! So happy you were able to visit a new place and have so much fun on your treasure hunt!
    A big thank you to Lee & Susan for inviting you & Clark there so you could share it with all of us cyber-shellers :).

  8. -Pat- its very rare to find cowries here on Sanibel (or southwest florida) but here are a few posts that we found fragments and one lucky gal (MEM) that found a whole one.

    -Thanks yall! Its so much fun to share new shell finds from other parts of the world!

    -SanibelVicki- no problem at all!


  9. Wow!! Thanks for sharing!I I downloaded an app to my phone that shows shells from other parts of the world and I’m enjoying learning about and seeing the different shells. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your treasures from Cuba!! ;-)

    • Ooooo! What’s your app called, please? I’d like to get it too.

      • Sea Shell app? Oh, me too !! Please.

        • Hi Lisa and Charlotte. The iPhone app I use is called “Shells” and it’s created by Levitate Education. It’s the first app that shows up when you run a search for “shells.” I also have an app called “Shells Guide” created by Liang-Hung Publishing Reference (the second one that shows up). It has a list of a lot of shells and the countries they are found in but the pictures don’t always load properly so I don’t like that one as much. The first one has great photos and you can take quizzes to test your knowledge of the names of shells. I love looking at the photos and then googling the names so I can find out more about the particular shell. For example, I googled “cloth of gold cone” (it’s gorgeous) and found out its poisonous and can kill humans.

  10. Nice find!

  11. Ok can you go back and get that turban you tossed aside for me?!! Ah-maz-ing!!! I love hearing the total joy in your voice – it’s contagious!! Like I said earlier I can’t wait to see and hear everything. Everything. Lol. I can’t get over all the coral and all the shells! Loving those trumpets. You and Clark have a his and hers now! Ok bye for ow, I have a video that I must watch over and over and….

  12. Wow – at first glance it looks just like all rocks – and then……you lucky lucky lady!!!! And yes, you didn’t leave those others laying on the beach, did you??????? Wow – just Wow. jl

  13. Ahhh you just dropped that huge beautiful turban nooooo… You know what you’ve collected is darn good when you’re tossing something like that aside!

    • I felt the same way Acey! That black and white turban was gorgeous!

  14. I love it you get as excited as I do to find a good shell! the ocean is my fave place and shelling is my fave thing to do cant wait to one day soon get on those beaches where you shell! thanks for sharing
    KIm BUca

  15. That looks amazing but what do you mean by “you could have picked them up”? Those little babies would have made it in my shell bag.

  16. I think there will be a floatilla leaving Florida any day now . . . heading in the direction of Cuba. What great shelling. Definitely a treasure island. Thanks for taking us with you.

    • I would be on board ! It such a shame we can’t go there :(

      • Please let me know when the floatilla leaves! I want to go so badly. I have read this post three times now and would love to vist and collect!

  17. You’re killin’ me! Your hosts should start up a sheller’s bed & breakfast! That is all we’d need! I think after seeing your posts they would have lots of visitors!
    Really enjoy all your on-line posts! Shell on! Terry

  18. I have goosebumps just listening and watching! So exciting!

  19. OMG – Pam – what AWESOME finds. Heaven indeed!!

  20. I think this blog makes me dream about shells.

  21. What gorgeous shells! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thank you Pam for that video!! I had to watch it over and over!!! So awesome!

  23. Great Googley-Moogley!!! Those are some awesome shells, Pam!!! (now to check out my finds from Galapagos and Hawaii! ;-)

  24. definately can feel your excitement, i gasped and laughed through your entire video… about died when you tossed back the turban!!!

  25. Sending a BIG thank you for sharing such a great video. Can’t wait to see the rest of your treasures. Your excitment carried through the computer to Roy and me. So happy for you and Clark. I really do think you should set up a shelling trip for outside the country….Cuba would work for me if we could find those same fantastic shells that you showed us so far. Thanks L-O-R-E-E

  26. So excited for you! Looks like the dream shelling place.

  27. Pam and Clark I am so thrilled for you both! Guantanamo Bay? How amazing. Your shelling fans are also so thrilled as you share so much with us all. Another incredible shelling adventure for us with a bountiful of beautiful shells for us to ravel over.

    Thank you soooo very much for the sharing with us all.

    Are you going to be coming this way for the conchologists convention later in the month? How exciting if one year you could guest speakers.


  28. Pam, I had a short bucket list for our visit 2weeks ago. I wanted to: find shells to share with my students here in Tennessee, find an operculum, and a mermaids purse. I found all of these! The last item on my Sanibel vacation bucket list was to meet you on the beach while shelling! Unfortunately you were on your own adventure! Maybe next year! Thanks so much for sharing your great time with us!

  29. Hi, Pam-What a great new shelling site! Ilove those turbans! they look navy blue spotted but I guess they really have dark brown spots ?) Have fun separating, cataloguing and storing your treasures! carol

  30. Thanks for taking all us shellers with you on your trips via I Love
    I love seeing you get so excited over all the beautiful shells.
    I am counting down the days till the 17th of this month. We will be traveling to Sanibel Island for another week of shelling. Was so blessed to be able to make two trips there this year…See ya soon

  31. Wow !!! What a great video Pam, thanks for sharing and giving us a peek in your shell bag!
    I am madly reading up on shells in the 1/2 dozen books i got online and of course your shell guide (which is great btw). Can’t wait for the end of January to come when we will have a whole week to collect shells on Sanibel and to hopefully meet up with you on the beach!
    Hugs Trudy
    In rainy Ontario

  32. Thank you again Pam for sharing your treasures and adventures!! We are actually going to Turks & Caicos in September for a visit and to shell for two weeks….and all due to your wonderful blog on your trip there. Hopefully we’ll find some exciting shells as you and super sheller Clark did…keep your fingers crossed for us!! :-)

    Jude (from Rochester, NY..(with the black suit on to keep the sun off!!)

  33. I love your video! My husband has been to Cuba shelling, with out me unfortunately
    :( He did bring back a beautiful huge old conch. She was damaged on the trip home. But I don’t care she sits front and center on my shelf!

  34. Hey Pam,
    I just love your video of your shell finding from Guantanamo Bay! Can you tell me what beach it was that you were on in the video? My guess, it was runway beach.
    I am here on the island, I have been shelling for the last 7 months, and I have found some shells that will absolutely take your breath away….but the sad part about it, I have no idea what they are!! I have been looking at your website, and it has helped me very much. Thank you so very much for posting all your stuff about shells and shelling experiences. It has helped me identify a couple of the ones that I have found. I wish I could share some of my findings with you.
    I am so happy that you enjoyed your shelling trip at GTMO and hope you get to come back again sometime. The beaches here will surprise you every day.

    P.S. Did I mention that I am hooked on shelling?

  35. Hello I my new to florida been here for almost 21/2 months I enjoy watching your videos on you tube and have learn a lot I walk the beach of bonita spring early in the mornings after dropping of my husband at work . And I try to remember everything you talk about on the deffent lines the shells are in . I have found so many beautiful shells in just 2 months I send pictures to my friends and family back in Texas and they ask well what are you going to do with them now ? Well I don’t know yet . One day I would like to go on your tour to the island where you go shelling it’s just my husband and I here in florida we sold everything and moved up here so my husband could work for the new De Ramos gourmet market & restaurant he is the director of perishable foods it will be opening up in aug 15 I will be the head hostess, I don’t new many people here yet but just wanted you to know how thankful I am for all your info on the shells , haven’t started to work yet so you have gaven me something to look forward to looking for on the beaches Thanks

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