triton trumpet gitmo seashells

Cleaning, organizing, photographing and identifying seashells found on vacation takes some time. We all know that, right? So I need just a few more days to show you the rest of our shell collection from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If you missed the first post about our trip CICK HERE. Until then, I’ll take you along with me on a short walk over the rocks and dead coral where I find a few shell treasures and listen to the bay water bubbling up on the shore. Uhhhhh…. and I’m a little excited. Okay ALOT excited. I cant help it! I’m easily excitable when it comes to a shell treasure hunt in a new location…. to say the least. LOL

Hold on tight, y’all!  ……..  But come back to read PART 3 of our GTMO ShellAdventure- CLICK HERE!