sanibel beach sea oats shelling

It’s been raining for two days with thunder rumbling and lightning cracking around the island without notice.  Any time there is lightning… I stay off the beach and find a project inside my house until the coast is clear (literally!). I ran out when it cleared for a couple of hours to see what the beach looked like… the sea was angry, my friends. The waves were crashing so hard on the beach, it’s starting to erode it again. It’s never ending, is it. But this might just bring in loads of shells for next week AND it’s still warm and beautiful so I hope this might warm some of you up that are in 30 degree weather right now.

erosion tarpon bay rd beach access

I’ve got to admit, our rain and slight erosion (that will come right back) is better than inches and inches of snow that Minnesota and other Midwest states are getting from Winter Storm Achilles right now. It’s May, Mother Nature! What are you thinking?

Anyhoo, speaking of Minnesota and having a rain and snow delay… back in March, I had a little fun giving some shelling advice to some baseball fans at a Minnesota Twins Spring Training game.

collecting baseballs seashells

Did you know the Minnesota Twins practice their Spring Training games in Fort Myers? It’s always fun to see a few games right here in Lee County…. but this time it was a pretty special game for me. I was interviewed about shelling by Dan Gladden and Kris Atteberry for the Minnesota Twins Radio Network in the radio announcers booth overlooking the field during a rain delay on March 20th.  I got to hang out with Twins 2-time World Series champ Dan Gladden!

pam rambo dan gladden twins game

I had an amazing time talking baseball and seashells with brilliant sports broadcaster Kris Atteberry too…

pam rambo kris atteberry twins game

I was supposed to be interviewed in-between the 4th and 6th innings but since they tarped the field because of the rain, they called me up early. I felt like I was just brought up from the minor leagues for my first pitch for the big leagues. LOL

twins spring training rain delay

Thank goodness I didn’t have too much time to think about it since I was a bundle of nerves. They gave me a headset… then they started pitching questions. I just had to bunt. But think about it, there many similarities with baseball and shelling. Both are outdoor sports, people collect both shells and baseballs, you always remember the home runs (finding the rare shells) and both attract really nice folks. I’m sure there are countless similarities!

pam rambo interview twins baseball game

It was just so much fun. Wanna hear the interview? I just got a clip of it last week so…. Here it is!

Here’s the link to hear what ball players want to know about shelling but I can’t figure out how to make it stay on the page so you can see the photos too. It will also take you to a black page with the play button. Sorry! But come on back, you hear?

Click on…         iLoveShelling Minnesota Twins radio


dan gladden interview pam rambo

Were you able to listen to it? So much fun to share the shelling love! Oh, before we got called up to the radio booth, Clark and I looked for some shelter to get out of the rain. We ended up being right beside the beautiful young lady, Marcella who was about to sing the National Anthem to kick off the game. Even though it rained, the night at the Hammond Stadium ball park was spectacsheller!

singer marcella pam rambo twins spring training

But let’s get back to this angry sea on Sanibel I showed you in the first 2 photos… the shells and bling are getting stirring up with this weather front we are having. In a few days, those treasures will hopefully be washing up on our beaches! Let’s keep our fingers crossed the upcoming west winds are good to us and see what gifts Mother Nature will be willing to let us have. At least it’s not snow.

Sanibel sea storm May