calico scallop sea shells

 Each day I’ve been to the beach this week, I look down to see CALICO SCALLOPS. Every shell bag that I peeked into… I saw CALICO SCALLOPS in every color of the rainbow. So I started picking them up too only to get obsessed by analyzing the amazing colors and patterns… then naming each one like every crayon in a box of Crayolas or those cute names they come up with for nail polish colors these days.

Okay, like this one is…

Sanibel Sunburn. See? Haven’t you looked like this at least one time on Sanibel?

Sanibel Sunburn Scallop

 Remember I showed you what the sky looked like last week? This was an easy one… Sanibel Sky

Sanibel sky scallop

 Cold Captiva Creamsicle On A Hot Day…

Captiva creamsicle scallop

I’m Plum Happy…

I'm plum happy scallop

 Sunset Serenade… ( okay this one needs some work)

Sunset serenade scallop

 Girl’s Night Red Wine

girls night wine scallop

First Day Vacation Sunrise…

Vacation Sunrise scallop

Summer Smoothie…

Summer smoothie scallop

 Fiesta Party Nachos…

fiesta picnic scallop

 I’m On Island Time…

Island Time scallop

  Orange Juice With A Splash Of Cranberry On The Rocks

sunbeam scallop

Beach Bon Fire (But since it’s illegal to have a bon fire on Sanibel I think we should call it the… Illegal Sanibel Beach Bon Fire. Ha!)

beach bon fire scallop

 Now this last one really got me tickled. It’s seems like this SCALLOP started out with lots of color power to keep up with the Joneses…. and the First Day Vacation Sunrises…. and the Summer Smoothies but decided just regular old plain was good enough for him (or her). So I couldn’t decide on a name.

How about … Sleep Late. or Lazy Days. or I give up (No really, LOL the name “I give up”.  or Uncle. Plain Yogurt?

You decide!

Lazy Days scallops