Shell bag with Alphabet Cone

Andrea's Shell Bag

If you didn’t get a chance to get to Blind Pass on the Captiva side today to see that big shell pile I’ve been talking about the last few days… no worries, I have pictures and another video. Last night the tides brought in some sand that covered half of that amazing shell pile. So we got digging!

Blind Pass Captiva shell mound

Blind Pass Captiva shell mound

Sheller Andrea at Blind Pass

Andrea (PA)

Andrea was on the beach bright and early and realized the best way to find the treasures in this shell pile was to plop down, grab a PEN SHELL to use as a shovel and start digging. That was her shell bag in the first picture with the ALPHABET CONE right on top of orange SCALLOPS (her favorites) TULIPS, CONCHS, OLIVES and lots more.

Junonia shell piece

Ellen (Sanibel)

My buddy Ellen found a piece of a JUNONIA. Where, oh, where are the whole ones?

Shellers at Captiva Island, Florida

Kathryn and Liz (Indiana)

Kathryn and Liz (mother and daughter shellers) say they’ve never seen it this good before at Blind Pass. They come very year to shell.

Okay, now that you’ve met the other shellers on the beach this morning, take a look at the video of us all hanging out sittin ‘n siftin. This is always such a fun way to shell because … like I’ve said before…. shellers are the nicest people on the planet.

Tomorrow is the Captiva Holiday Village golf cart parade! Stay tuned to see the iLoveShelling float!