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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Sunrise Shell Seekers on Sanibel

Sunrise low tide shell collecting

Sunrise Sanibel Stoop

I might turn into a morning person. I just can’t get over how beautiful the sunrise is on Sanibel and I’ve only seen a handful of them. I “used” to like to take my time in the mornings (aka… sleep in) but I may have turned over a new leaf. I was even at the beach this morning to see shellers with flashlights.

Shelling at dawn

Shelling at dawn

Shell seekers before sunrise

Shell seekers before sunrise

Shell seekers sunrise Sanibel

Shell collecting at low tide sunrise

Three shellers at sunrise on Sanibel

Three shellers at sunrise

Three shellers with nets

Three shellers on the hunt

Sunrise shelling on Sanibel

Sunrise low tide

Shelling low tide

Shelling low tide

And yes, there were shells to be found too on the beach around Donax Rd. The low tide was about minus .04 and the tidal pools had lots of seashells for the early bird shellers. See the Florida Cone below?

Low tide pool Sanibel Florda cone

Low tide pool with a Florda cone


  1. Pam….beautiful pictures as always…thanks for sharing the view! i’m heading your way on friday the 26th…..what is the shelling forecast? are the winds bringing the “goods”? i was there the exact same time last year and the shell mound on blind pass was spectacular but i have a feeling from your blog that is not the case now…….do tell!! please!!!!

  2. Pam, were you really on the beach before sunrise? That is hard to believe. Nice photos. Happy shelling. MK

    • Clark has checked my temperature and looked for signs of alien abduction

  3. sunrises at the beach are awesome..
    finding shells at sunrise is even better!!
    one of theses days..
    warm sandy hugs..

    • Nice Haiku, Loui!

  4. There is nothing more beautiful than a low tide at sunrise!

  5. Good Morning. Well Saturday I got my new sea shell sifter! Yeah! I will be on Sanibell Thursday and will be at the art show on friday and saturday!
    Shelling on HoneyMoon Island has been good! Last time I was there I got alphabet cones, angel wings, worm shells and sharks eyes! Also I collected the usual olive shells and small fighting conchs. I call that a pretty good day.

    • Mon, Tues, Wed, & Thurs are minus .05 & .06 low tides running early morning. Ask Pam to give you a wake up call. She’ll be up :)

      PS – My hometown is Dunedin and there is no better shelling than the north end of Honeymoon Island. You probably passed my sister & cousin who shell there all the time. Hope you find lots of goodies on Sanibel.

  6. Pam…..Sunrise??……WOW……anyway…..great photos of our gorgeous sunrise… was beautiful on Captiva too!

  7. Such beautiful pics. I had no idea there was a sunrise over the water in Sanibel. Is that dumb of me. I live on he east coast of fla and did not know there was a sunrise over there, only the amazing sunsets.

  8. Beautiful pictures! “Flashlights and Sunrise” is my favorite time of the day to shell!

  9. It’s a whole new world in the morning isn’t it. After waitressing for 30 years of late night shifts my body clock was set on waking up around 10 – 11 am. 6 years ago when I started with my home improvement retail job one of my 1st early shifts was 4am – not getting up but had to be at the store. It was painful – physically and mentally. Now I love the early part of the day. I emailed you before I saw your post – we both got the flashlight memo – so funny.

    Take good care,


  10. Hi Pam,
    It’s Eugene, we met at Sanibel Shell Show 2010. Yesterday I discovered cool seashell artist who live in snowy Moscow and creates amazing things from seashells. Huge, bold, modern. Too bad she can’t compete at the shell show – too far I guess. Check it out and I think your reader will be intrigued as well:
    Seashell Art from Moscow

  11. Great shots. Such a lovely time of day to stop and reflect or go shelling!!! Or both! That last shot looks so interesting. I so want to visit one day. Pruxxx

  12. Love the reflection in the water of the three shellers!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I always plan my trips to Sanibel using the tide charts.Full moon days usually have 2 low tides- morning and evening. I have been on the beach as early as 3A.M.; the 2 hours before the time on the tide charts enable me to shell as the tide goes out AND comes back in! I have baseball caps with LED lights on the brim, shelling Glasses with LED lights on either side of the frame and highintensity flashlights. And when that sun begins to rise,well, there is nothing more beautiful! Happy shelling to you all :)

    • Mary Jo, you deserve to find junonias! I like your style, girl.

  14. Looked like a picture of me–I take pride in being the first sheller out for a.m. low tides. I’ve got my flashlight packed, I’ll be there soon, leave me a few.

  15. Oh – looks so wonderful and well worth the pain of those feet hitting the floor earlier than they are meant to. I wished I was there!!

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