Sea Pearls in scallop

Sea Pearls in scallop

Have you ever found a SEA BEAN? Well, they really aren’t “beans” but are seeds of plants from around the world that get carried into rivers then to oceans then wash up on beaches. There are almost one hundred different types of SEA BEANS but the kind we find on Sanibel are called SEA PEARLS.

Sea Beans in Scallop

Sea Beans in Scallop close up

I first heard about SEA BEANS last year after seeing a collection by our beach combing friends Mary and Dick.

Sea Beans Sanibel Island

Sea Bean Collection by Mary and Dick

Sea Beans drift onto beaches around the world, particularly after higher than normal tides with sea weed and drift wood just like I found this one pictured below. So if I don’t find many shells (like today) I always have sea beans to look for.

Sea bean on the beach

Sea Bean on the beach

Today I found this one and a few others at the Lighthouse beach….. and guess who Clark and I ran into…CShells!

Shellers at lighthouse CShells

CShells and Richard enjoying their scoops

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