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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Day Trip For Shark’s Teeth

Shark tooth enthusiast David (Canada)

Eleven year old David was the perfect guy to meet on the Blind Pass Park beach in Englewood to ask about finding SHARK’S TEETH. Clark and I took a day trip up to Manasota Key (about an hour and a half from Sanibel) to look for shark’s teeth yesterday and met David while we were searching (and finding!). He knew everything there was to know about the history of a shark’s tooth and how to find them. “Every time a shark bites something, he loses teeth. Then that tooth is replaced by another in the row right behind it… a vending machine!” He even saved $250 of his own money to be submerged in a cage surrounded by sharks in Orlando. Now that tells you how crazy David is about sharks!



David's shark's teeth

You can see how long David had been hanging out in the water….look at his finger tips! LOL But better yet, look at all the shark’s teeth!

Joanne (Port Charlotte)

This is David’s grandmother that he was visiting in Port Charlotte. She’s a collector too.

Shark's tooth on the beach

This is what the good “tooth piles” (I’m so used to saying “shell piles”!) look like. Did you find the tooth?

Shark's tooth screening

This shark’s tooth screen that blog buddy Karen (The Essential Beachcomber) gave me (see it on Shark’s Teeth Treasure post) was so easy to use. Clark’s pointing at two teeth in one scoop. It works great, thanks Karen!

So, can you guess how many teeth Clark and I found together in about one hour? No?

Our shark's teeth loot

One hundred and eighty three …. that’s 183! …and a fun little rock with a hole in it (top left) that Clark picked up.

Blind Pass Beach- Englewood

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  1. Shark’s teeth are like potato chips….betcha can’t stop at finding just one. Nice haul. I’m so glad y’all finally got to check it out. You need to come back & do Stump Pass next time. Have a great week.

  2. Have you ever found any teeth on Sanibel? You guys found some cool ones! I cannot wait for my next trip to Sanibel. You are very lucky to live in such a magical place.

    • Yes, you are right Roxanne….it’s magical to experience all of these simple yet mind boggling adventures every day….. but to share it makes it that much more real. I have found a few shark’s teeth on Cayo Costa…but I haven’t found them on Sanibel. It may be because I don’t have an eye for them here- I look for other shapes but I might look closer now that I had this experience. There’s so much to look for!

  3. I also want to say “Thank you for sharing with us each day!”.

  4. I am an avid shark tooth collector too.
    We leave for the beach (Myrtle) in less than 2 weeks !! Can’t wait!
    Last year we were there for 2 weeks and found together( my boyfriend and I)about 1300 sharks teeth >>>from tiny to very large!!
    (one of my screen names is :sharktoothfairy, in fact!)

    • 1300! Yall are good! Instead of aches from the Sanibel Stoop, did you have them doing the Shark Tooth Stoop?

      • Haha I was going to comment saying Myrtle is a great place for collecting them as well!
        I taught my fiancé and this year he found a massive one!
        But to find one on our beach in Madeira is extra special since it’s so rare there!

  5. wow cool pam!!!

  6. So glad you got to come up to experience “sharks teeth” mania. Here we look for teeth like you look for shells..If it’s not a good “tooth’ day you start looking at the shells instead…not quite as good as Sanibel but you do find some good ones but no Junonias so don’t worry. So glad to get my “shell fix” from you when I can’t make the trip.

  7. Pam that is way cool. Manuela and I are going to try to head up there next weekend. I was surprised to see that they are dark in color. I had one on a necklace when I was young that was white. I suppose it was polished up.

  8. I’d say you guys hit the mother lode of sharks teeth…..that is exactly where I hunt for sharks teeth (I live about 20 miles fromt there) but I’ve never found near the amount that you and Clark did!

  9. Great finds! We did the day trip to this area last time we were on Sanibel and while I am not sure I would do it again (only because our time on Sanibel is too short) it was very cool. And you are so right it takes retraining your eye what to look for…my son now has a cool shadow box of the shark teeth we found to go with all our shells and sea glass (from Maine). Love comment about them being like chips as it is so hard to stop once find one…thanks as always for post

  10. Awesome!
    I would love to have a shark’s teeth collection!
    Lucky you to find so many:)

  11. Wow, I might have to make a day trip there some time to do that. That looks like so much fun. We found what I think might be a shark tooth on Sanibel this year. It’s about an inch long. It’s the only one I have ever found there, so I hope it is one.

  12. Were these teeth found in canada or was david visiting from canada?

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