WENTLETRAPS are so tiny that you may miss them while you are shelling for the WHELKS and CONCHS (and CONES!). They are usually hiding near SEAWEED high in the wash line. Once I see a few mini shells like the baby CONCHS, then I readjust my eyes for the WENTLETRAPS. Can you spot the WENTLETRAP in this first photo?

Wentletrap near the seaweed

This is about the view you are looking at the sand while you are doing the “Sanibel Stoop” so you’ve got to go slow and focus. This was at the Lighthouse right at the point while walking towards the pier.

Wentletrap closer view

Now you can see it, right? It’s hiding near that JEWELBOX  with a barnacle on it (I think that’s what it was…I didn’t really look at it while I was there since I was so focused on the WENTLETRAP).

Wentletrap in the sand

Here’s another one below I found today but he was still alive so I threw him back into the water. Be careful to make sure they aren’t still in there- they are tiny but you can still tell when they are alive and well.

A Wentletrap still alive