I got a comment today on my December 4 post that made me laugh because someone asked Clark on the beach the other day “How many JUNONIAS have you found?”. Clark said he had found 2. She said back to him ” Wow! I can’t believe you’ve only found 2. I figured since you live here that you’ve found a lot more than that!”. He got a real kick out of that and then laughed at me since I’ve gotten a big goose egg when it comes to finding a JUNONIA. So, Alice, I feel for you too.

Congratulations Nancy! Thank you so much for sending us the news…… I’m so jealous! Send me a picture and I’ll post it.

Nancy’s comment on the december 4 post says:

Just to let you know
I found a Junonia on the Captiva side of Blind Pass 12/26/2009. Picture should be in the Island Reporter this week. My friend Alice has lived and shelled on Sanibel for 24years and never discovered a Junonia. She considers me an amateur :-) and we had a good laugh that I found one