We had all intentions towards getting on the beach early this morning to check out the full moon low tide……but I think we stayed out too late last night celebrating the arrival of our new year. We didn’t get to the beach until about 9:30am (I do love to sleep in when I can) which was fine by me since it was still a pretty low tide. The first shell Clark found just west of the Lighthouse was a little candy corn (aka-a small orange HORSE CONCH)…….then a couple of minutes later, my first shell…..the same thing! A cute little bright orange HORSE CONCH. We didn’t think that was bad for our first shells of 2010 but we sure got beat when I opened my mail and found this from our friends Mary and Dick……

Just a quick note:

First shelling of 2010 for us, 7:15 a.m. minus tide. First shell found of 2010 (by Mary) a perfect alphabet cone!!

Congrats Mary! It’s going to be a good 2010.

Maybe that will be my new year’s resolution….Get out of bed a little earlier. hmmmm. nnaaaahhh. I’ll think of another one a little later.