iLoveShelling aqua hermit junonia shell c


Holy Cowrie! Can you believe iLoveShelling is almost 6 years old?

When a Hermit Crab grows too big for her shell, she has to go searching for a bigger shinier shell so she can grow gracefully and won’t be so cramped in her broken down little shell. So after 6 years in a small little shell with lots of wear and tear, has a new website designed shell with all the latest technology. Ok, but she didn’t go for the high def sound system, the sounds of the ocean waves are perfect as they are. And she didn’t go for the loud alarm system either… her crab claws are fantastic pinchers already too.

You can now read easier on your mobile devices and tablets. Shellzam!  This is the biggest change- you don’t have to go through all of the shellnanigans of pinching the screen any more because it’s got that cool new menu shellamajiggy.

Oh and… I’d love feedback! Especially if something isn’t working correctly so right up there near the title of this post, you can see “Comment”- just click on that and you can read the other comments or write one of your own. You know how these things go, it’s always a work in progress for me so if you are seeing the site discombobshellated, please let me know what you are viewing it on (like what kind of computer, phone or tablet) and what its doing?

So bear with me as I get some of the other pages updated then I’ll have more beach combing photos, videos and lots more shell stories that will carry us through the next 6 years so we can still shell together and learn more about the beaches that make our souls so complete.

UPDATE: Whew…. The comment section is fixed so please comment away!

new shell website pic for iLoveShelling