Beach combing Bowmans Beach Sanibel

The sunset at Bowman’s Beach last night was picture perfect… but then so were the shells.

Bowman Beach filled with sea shells

I was combing through a wide string of shells a mile long when I came across half buried spots in the sand… omigosh! Rasher frasher… just a piece. But a biiiig piece of JUNONIA. It’s a big beautiful piece of spotted goodness that I will definitely keep for the Shellaboratory.

Almost! Junonia shell large fragment on Sanibel

There was nothing wrong with fabshellous ZIGZAG FLAT SCALLOP though…

Zigzag Flat scallop Bowmans Beach Sanibel

There were all sorts of different shells washed up on the beach. Not only did I find that big honkin JUNONIA frag but I found OLIVES, FIGHTING CONCHS, colorful CALICO and ROUGH SCALLOPS, 2 other FLATS,  couple of WORMIES. The really surprising thing was that I found two ROSE PETAL TELLINS (just below that FLAT at the tip of my fingers). Cool!

Junonia fragment and seashells found at Bowmans Beach Sanibel

I was such a lovely evening hanging out with my friend Ellen (Shellen) …

Ellen at Bowmans with shells

She found some nice beauties too.

Sweet shells from Sanibel

Since the weather was gorgeous, we decided to ride bikes to the beach.

Pam Rambo biking Bowmans Beach Sanibel aqua

I’m so happy we did since we found out where the shells have been hiding!

Shell beach on Sanibel Island Florida

The last time I rode bikes to Bowmans Beach was with my buddy Diane a couple of weeks ago. (She was with me when we saw the BOBCAT on North Captiva… hmmmm she was also with me when I found my whole JUNONIA I need to take her shelling with me more often!) I just realized I never posted this awesome video of our bike ride down one of the paths to the beach. We saw two GOPHER TORTOISES flying down the path directly at us.

gopher tortoises sanibel

I seriously don’t think they thought we had food since we saw them so far down the path already moving so fast. It took me a few minutes to get my camera out and they were still in a full gallop… then I had to get off my bike to let them pass by. It was crazy! Here’s the video…

I might be visiting Bowman’s Beach a little more often now, don’t you think?

Sunset and seashells At Bowmans Beach Sanibel