Captiva 2015 shells with Pam Rambo

Hello, Captiva 2015! Shell and Sand Sculpture artist RobertShell and Sand Sculpture artist Robert

Robert (aka “Shell Man”) and Kathy from NJ built another sand sculpture at Blind Pass Captiva… and I watched the whole thing. Kathy collects the shells then Robert designs and builds his masterpiece.  I love to see artists creating beach art.

Shell Man building beach art

As soon as I saw someone digging a mound of sand with a shovel, I had a sneaking suspicion I knew who it was.

Beginning beach art

Robert brings a few tools…

Robert smoothing Captiva sand sculpture

With a bucket of painted COCKLES shells then added a few PEN SHELLS.

Building Captiva 2015 sand and shell sculpture

Two hours later… spectacsheller beach art!

Shell and Sand Sculpture artist Robert

You just might recognize his other masterpieces too. Remember this shell heart? Yep, it was Robert’s work.

i heart captiva island florida

Yes, and this fabshellous shamrock

four leaf clover seashells beach

Just to remind you how our beaches in SW Florida change very quickly-  this is the pile of shells I was sorting through just a few days ago when Robert was building his beach art…

sand water and shells

And now Robert’s Captiva 2015 beach sign looks like this. Crazy, huh?

left over sand sculpture

pam rambo shelling trips