shells found by Sue on Sanibel

After my seeing so many fab shells wash up over the weekend, I couldn’t wait to see what was at Blind Pass since that has always been my go-to beach after north winds. But…. I didn’t find much there. Okay fine, Mother Nature- You’ve changed your habits again so I’ll go back to GSCP. Yep, still shells (but loads of those SEA SQUIRTS too unfortunately). Thats my new fave beach any way!

combing Sanibel beaches

Sue from Ohio didn’t mind sifting through all of the SEA SQUIRTS and other TUNICATES because she found so many beautiful shells and treasures to make her very happy. The first photo shows just some of her best loot…. SHARKS EYES!

sue ohio with shells

Amy always seems to be on Sanibel when the shells come in… or maybe she bring the good luck with her. It was good to see you again Amy and thanks for bringing good luck!

Amy Seeche on Sanibel island shelling

See what I mean? Beautishells! After I took this photo of her SHARK EYE, ALPHABET CONE, KINGS CROWN, PEAR WHELKS, MUREXES and TULIPS… she found another ALPHIE (or was it 2 more alphies?) and so many more gorgeous treasures.

hunting for shells on Sanibel

Cybill, You were so much fun to shell with! Your laugh is contagious and congratshellations on you brilliant FLORIDA CONE.

Cybil finds florda cone shell

Mellyn (Chicago) told me all she wanted to find is a SHARKS EYE. Ten minutes later… Yay! A beautiful SHARKS EYE MOON SHELL.

Mellynn Chicago found sharks eye shell

As soon as I got on to GSCP, I ran into Terri and Aleece (Alabama). They started my shelling excitement by spreading the joy of their finds and picking through their finds to show me what they had just found in a matter a minutes.

Terri Aleece Alabama find shells

Just to name a few of the shells, Aleece found a golden PEAR WHELK, a TURKEY WING with a pattern to die for, so many different variations and pattern of CONCHS and a perfectly sweet NUTMEG.

pretty shells found by Aleece

But I have to warn you now that its been a few days since this pile of BEACH BLING has been on washed up on the shores (not just GSCP but all along Sanibel)… it’s not smelling so good. The birds take this as the smell of a feast! They are chowing on this salad bar of sun baked SEA WEEDS, MOLLUSKS, TUNICATES and ECHINODERMS. The true shellers are ignoring these odors to plow through all of the smelly bling to find amazing hidden treasures.

shells and starfish found on Sanibel

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