Lots of shells being found in the water at the point of Sanibel Lighthouse Beach yesterday morning. It may have looked dark and dreary but we all had anything but dark and dreary attitudes… because there were beautiful shells!


In the afternoon, the sun was shining and the smiles continued since the shells started rolling in at Blind Pass Captiva. Yay!


Erin found a JUNONIA! She and her mom Beth from Iowa were there to witness the shells start rolling in to form a pile on the beach. Shellzam! Congratshellations Erin!



I have loads more photos but just wanted to quickly update you on the shells on the beaches in case you are here in SW Florida. Just so you know, I haven’t checked today yet but by 6pm last night the shells at Blind Pass Captiva were being taking back out and the beach was getting piled with sand again. Who knows what today will bring! Everyday the beach changes so today we could have a brand new pile. That’s why i Love Shelling! :)