arrow dwarf triton shell ap sanibel florida

I’m pretty dang good at finding mini shells but I need to narrow my focus since I don’t think I’ve ever found an ARROW DWARF TRITON before. Isn’t this a beautiful shell?

arrow dwarf triton Tritonoharpa lanceolata

I’m so happy for Gill from England since she’s the one who found this gorgeous shell at Sanibel Lighthouse Beach. So cool! Congratshellations Gill!

gill with dwarf arrow triton

Now you can see a little better how small it is. Believe it or not, it’s related to the NUTMEG.

size of arrow dwarf triton shell

She found it on the beach in one of the small shell lines close to the water around the tip of the island looking at the lighthouse at this view.

sanibel lighthouse view

She also found a couple of BABYS EARS, a WENTLETRAP and a few other sweet minis to add to her “list”. Her “list” you ask? She has a competition going with her husband Andy (and a few other friends) to see who can find the most species of shells in one year. They got the idea from a movie “The Big Year” about a birding competition so they designed their competition around shells and gave it a point system. I’ve got to see this movie! I googled it after she told me about their game and the tag line is ” Everyone is searching for something”. hahaha Yes we are! Shells! Their contest ends December 31, 2014 so she said she’d let me know who wins (errrr- I’d like to take bets on the winner- hahaha). How fun!

UPDATE: January 1, 2015- I just got a note from Gill. We have a winner of the “The Big Year- Shelling Edition” ….. Gill won!

Here’s what she wrote…. ” I told you about our ‘big year’ of shell collecting. My husband had set a challenge to see which of us could collect the most varieties of shells throughout the year, starting with Sanibel and continuing when we got back to England. You said you wanted to hear who won – well I did! Yeaaahhh!!! It’s been a great excuse to spend lots of days on many different beaches and we have had a great time. Here we are on the last day of our big shell year 2014 on a very cold beach on the North Sea, England. Still managed to add a couple of last minute ones to our scores. Final totals – Andy 157 ½ me 198.”

seashell miniatures sanibel gill

I found a few goodies just washing in at the surf line…

seashells by the sanibel seashore

That was yesterday…. and today the winds have picked up gusting over 15 mph out of the north west. The Gulf Of Mexico water is churning at Blind Pass (and all of SW Florida) so it’s stirring up those shells to hopeful wash them up at our toes in the next few days. Once it calms just a tad, the shells should be rolling in, folks! Hopefully, we’ll be getting some nice Shellentines!

storm rough waters captiva blind pass