sanibel lounge stoop shelling

THIS is what a Sanibel vacation is all about! I call this kind of shelling “Shellounging” which might even be better than the Sanibel Stoop AND the Sit “n Sift. LOL Sitting in your lounge chair in the water at low tide with your drink in the cup holder while filling your shell bag with seashells washing up to your toes…. that’s Shellounging! I’m taking notes from Shelloungers Linda (Cape Coral) and her daughter Jessica from Virginia…

linda jessica shelling sanibel lighthouse beach

They were finding great shells shellounging at the Sanibel Lighthouse Beach…

cockle shell collection found lighthouse beach

“Just to be able to walk the beach this week in 85 degree sunny weather has been a blessing” said Debbie and Bill from Delaware…

debbie bill delaware shelling sanibel

So it’s a bonus to find some nice shells too.

shells in hand sanibel

My friend Anna was looking for WENTLETRAPS at the Lighthouse and was happy to find a few.

anna lemons shells sanibel beach in blue

While looking for WENTLETRAPS, you have to get a very low Sanibel Stoop going so you might as well look for any miniature shell you can find. She had lots of luck with minis so I though you might want to do a little CYBERSHELLING too! I feel badly for some of you up north caught in that snow, so I want to bring a little sunshine and warmth to you. Look a little closer at Anna’s treasures and see if there’s anything you might have picked up too. Click on this next image of Anna’s hand to enlarge it. Shell away!

miniature shells lighthouse beach sanibel

 Anna told me the last few days, she was still finding shells at the shell pile at Blind Pass Captiva. FYI- Just remember there is still construction equipment at the lot at Turner Beach (Blind Pass Captiva parking lot) so you might have to go to the Sanibel side to park if you want to shell there. This could change at any moment but that’s the last I’ve seen- CLICK HERE to see my post about that info.

But anyway, these are the shells Anna found just by Sitting ‘N Sifting through that huge “old” pile of shells that came in on Thanksgiving. Shellzam!

shells on table

Oh and Guess What! Someone had to cancel their reservation for Shellabaloo January 6-9, 2014. This is your chance to join us for the best shelling adventure of a lifetime! Come to Sanibel and enjoy the warm sunshine and seashells. I’ll take you to all of my favorite shelling places and teach you how to find the best shells. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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