seashells beach daisy gulf side city park sanibel

The weather in Sanibel has been absolutely gorgeous with warm sunny days perfect for long walks combing the beach.  Earlier this month, I was in a shelling frenzy following the tropical storm in the Gulf but this week … I can calmly breath in the day to stroll along the shore to look for the smaller pleasures. Ahhhhh. Keep calm, relax and shell for minis. Can you believe Clark found a BUTTON SHELL (inside the CLAM shell) smaller than these two WENTLETRAPS (inside the SCALLOP)? It’s adorable!sanibel shell collection with beach daisy

The gulf is also calm and blue with lots of gulls and shore birds fluttering about so shelling with Clark at low tide yesterday afternoon was pure and simple happiness.

gulf side city park Sanibel island florida shelling

We found a few more treasures but only wanted to bring home a few of our faves… although I’m not sure which ones are my very favorite ones. It’s a toss up between that tiny baby TURKEY WING, the BUTTON SHELL, the HORSE CONCHS, those LETTERED OLIVES with the fab colors… oh geez… I don’t think I can choose…. because look at that baby TOP SHELL too! It’s as cute as the BUTTON SHELL! Oh Yes- I think that says it all. It’s as cute as a BUTTON.

miniature and juvenile shells sanibel beach daisy