blind Pass Shellabaloo 3 shell scoops

What’s the perfect equation for our great shelling adventure? Sunshine + seashells + shiny happy people = Shellabaloo 3!

gregg shellabaloo 3 shelling rake

We started off our adventure by hitting the beach at Blind Pass Captiva to find shells lining the shoreline rolling in… then rolling out. You had to have a shell scoop or quick reflexes to snag them out of the water which made the hunt even that much more fun.Jim and Annette from Illinois were filling up their shells bags with lots of OLIVES…

Jim Annette seashells shellabaloo 3 captiva

FIGHTING CONCHS were couldn’t make it in to their shells bags fast enough…. and CORAL pieces too!

seashells shellabaloo 3

We also have another Team Canada with us this time for Shellabaloo 3! Jennifer from Ottawa is hoping that her daughter Marisa will love shelling as much as she does by the end of the week.

marisa jennifer captiva shells Shellabaloo 3

I think you’ll get your wish, Jennifer! She looks like she’s enjoying the hunt to me…

Marisa action sanibel stoop

We also gathered at Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum for a fabulous private tour led by Dr. Jose Leal.

iLoveShelling group Shell MuseumiLoveShelling group Shell Museum

Dr Leal let us peek behind-the-scenes to see thousands of drawers filled with shells organized and cataloged to be used for educational purposes now and for the future. It was fascinating! But he stopped us in our tracks by showing this humongus FLORIDA HORSE CONCH found in local waters off Sanibel. We want to find one of THOSE this week! hahahaha

Dr Jose Leal Bailey Matthews Shell Museum horse conch

It is soooo much fun shelling the beaches with my new friends but we all get to know each other a little better in the evenings with cocktails and dinner. Marie McDermed and her sister Martha (Kansas) are absolute dolls!

martha Marie shellabaloo 3

The party really gets started when Angela Pryor and her sister Cathy (both from the east coast of Florida) are in the room. They are a hoot!

Cathy Angela Shellabaloo 3

Super Sheller Clark joined us for an evening at Island Inn Sanibel so he could meet these awesome shellers like Nancy from California…

Clark Nancy Shellabaloo 3

Here’s Nancy with fab new friends Tricia and Gregg (Colorado) and Lou and Donnie from the Space Coast of Florida. You would love these people! So much fun!

Nancy tricia gregg lou donnie shellabaloo 3

Today we are off on another shelling adventure… a cruise to Cayo Costa!

gregg shellabaloo 3 shelling rake

I am so tickled that this whole group seems to be in love with BEACH BLING just as much as I am. I’m thrilled! I love this! I’ll have photos of the shells and bling we’re finding and more stories too very soon. So… stay tuned! Shellabaloo 3 – gone shelling!

cathy shellabaloo 3 water shell scoop