florida white bird ibis orange legs

Early evenings in August bring cool breezes on the gulf coast when skies turn dramatic hues of blue and afternoon rain showers of the tropics begin.

ibis birds strut the beach

Shells are strewn across the beach but my eyes start to wander away from my seashell treasure hunt to the ever changing clouds that paint the perfect backdrop for my beach companions… the IBIS birds.

ibis bird seashells sanibel florida

I was mesmerized at their beautiful back and forth strut with their beaks constantly sorting through the sand in the surf searching for their meal of MOLE CRABS (SAND FLEAS).

white bird orange beak sanibel florida

They are so peaceful to watch. Well, except these guys… The one on the right has “her” feathers all ruffled and looks like she is a little peeved at the other one like two siblings. “I told you! Stop getting in my space!”. The other one looks like he’s looking around going “Huh? Me? I didn’t do anything!” LOL

ibis ruffled feathers sanibel

I hope you had a beautiful weekend (without any ruffled feathers). heehee

seashells instagram

red sky at night Captiva Florida

PS- I’m trying out Instagram to post more pics! The photo of the shells was one of my iPhone photos posted Saturday afternoon. If you have an Instagram account, look me up at Instagram.com/iLoveShelling.