Alphabet Cone soup


  • 1 box- from USPS
  • 2 cups- Campbell’s Soup thermoses
  • 3 heaping handfulls- ALPHABET CONES
  • 1 friend with a great sense of humor

Package all of these ingredients up and send them to a sheller to make them smile for months and months!

sheller alphabet soup

I received this ALPHABET SOUP for the soul package from SS Leah – the crazy redhead up in Pinellas County. It tickled me silly! She said she found so many of these ALPHABET CONES up at Sand Key (near Indian Rocks Beach) after they had a dredge project. She said “Once I had a bucket full, I had to figure out what to do with them and all that kept running thru my mind was… I have quite a bit of alphabet soup here!” LOL That’s so clever! I love it!

After looking at her shells a bit closer, it seemed that all of them were more yellow than ours from Sanibel. So I put it next to the most predominant color we find here and yes, it looks more yellow. Then I got out some of our ALPHABET CONES that we’ve found further south like in Marco… most of them are much darker but this one was almost black. I’ve never found one this dark in Sanibel/Captiva! So I lined them up so you can see too. Leah sent me the one on the left, the middle is from Sanibel and the one on the right is from Marco. Cool, huh? Thank you Leah!!! I always feel better when I laugh that hard! :)

color shades of alphabet cone