most beautiful shell tulip

Boom Shellalaka! This is what you call a shellacious prize find! A huge, perfect, colorful, empty  TRUE TULIP.

best shell captiva weekend

Joyce from Alabama found this gorgeous specimen on the Captiva side of Blind Pass in the shallow water sand bar on a very low tide Friday evening. Her husband Dan was right there by her side to help her shellebrate. Congratshellations! Lucky Dog!

dan joyce alabama visits captiva

She probably found this about the same time I was shooting a little video showing the tidal water running out of the pass and catching a few shells. At the end of the clip, I show Dan and Joyce shelling in the background and comment that I’m sure they found some good shells too. I had no idea HOW good. Ha! Check it out… 

I loooove that spot when the low tide is still receding and just strong enough to carry the shells along with it.

shelling sand bars

Augusta, Philip, Sybil, Guy and  Pierre from my old stomping grounds Chattanooga, TN (I lived there 1988-91 and loved it!) were especially thrilled to find FIGHTING CONCHS since they are a Fighting Irish family. Cute!

tennessee family visits sanibel shells

I met another happy family… Emma Caroline, Jeb, Carolyn and Keith from Mississippi had bags filled with shells from the Sanibel side of Blind Pass.

emma caroline jeb carolyn keith mississippi visit sanibel

Marie from PA was bound and determined to find treasure. I saw her pacing back and forth on the outer sand bar and couldnt wait for her to come back int to see what she got. A beautiful lemon yellow HORSE CONCH…

Marie philly vistits sanibel

And more pretties…

Marie finds seashells by seashore

Marie is only half of “Two Crazy Girls from Philly” (as she commented on iLS Facebook). Here she is with her best friend and other “crazy girls” Sue…

best friends on the beach

The shells were still at the same spot I showed you on my last post

string of shells sanibel

We all felt like lucky dogs just to be out on the beach on such a beautiful Memorial Day weekend… even the real dogs were having fun doing the Sanibel Stoop!

dog in sanibel sunset

Yes, Lucky Dogs indeed.

lucky dog sanibel shells