ask request to prom

Alyssa, Jacob wants to know if you will go to prom with him! Jacob (from Ohio) is so clever! He is not asking Alyssa to go to prom in plain old pen and ink, he is asking her by writing in PEN SHELLS from the beach on Sanibel Island, Florida.

jacob pen shells

I hope she says yes, Jacob!

seashells on seashore sanibel

There were quite a few of those PEN SHELLS washing in with some other shells on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass this far from the bridge…

shells sanibel lazy flamingo area

Barb from Wisconsin found lots of shells she was looking for… JINGLE SHELLS!

barb wisconson jingle shells

She collects JINGLES for her mom to use them for making shell frames. Pretty!

jingle shells hand

It looks like the bigger shells (other than PEN SHELLS) are still taking their time getting on to shore after our strong north west winds this week but Chris and Lynn from New Jersey were enjoying every minute looking for them. They told me they already have enough shells but always look for something unusual. That’s what keeps me shelling too!

chris lynn new jersey shelling

It was so nice to meet y’all this morning and good luck to you Jacob!

collecting seashells seashore sanibel