katie seashells florida

There are lots of shells at Blind Pass Captiva! Actually I’ve heard there are shells all along Sanibel too at morning low tide but I’m so happy I went to Blind Pass because I met Katie from Kansas who found all of the gorgeous shells in the photo above. Look at that huge, shiny BANDED TULIP and huge TURKEY WING she is holding! Here she is with her dad Mark…

mark katie kansas

I saw Dave and Peg from Cincinnati…

dave peg sanibel seashells

who showed me their incredible shells. Okay, normally I would be whooping it up about that perfect ALPHABET CONE (which deserves a big whoop!) but I could not take my eyes off that orange… yes, orange… FLAT SCALLOP! I rarely see them wash up that color so it’s exceptional that it’s so perfect and that dang big too! Congratshellations you guys!

peg flat scallop alphabet cone

I went to some other beaches late in the afternoon to see if the shells were like this as well…

florida seashells beach

But the tide was so high that it had covered most of the shell piles. So it looks like if you want to find shells like this right now…

seashells on seashore

you have to be shelling at low tide in the mornings.

collecting seashells january fl

 The early bird catches the candy!

orange florida conch shell

PS- No, I never found that ALPHABET CONE I thought I saw in my last video. Darn! But it was fun trying.