blue shell bucket aqua water

The last few days I have returned home with an empty shell bucket. I have so many shells already, I’ve just started only to collect the seashells that are new to me, have unusual colorations or the ones that are hard to find… like the JUNONIA or  the CABRITS MUREX to name a few. Since I haven’t been lucky enough to find anything like that lately, I’m still happy when I get to hunt for those awesome treasures because it makes the pot sweeter when I do find them. But wait!

The treasure pot was filled with honey and sugar for Kaitlyn (10) and Matthew (8) this week! They hit the mega lotto with Kaitlyn’s JUNONIA…

kaitlyn junonia captiva shell

AND her brother Matthew with a CABRITS MUREX!!!

cabrits murex captiva matthew

Here’s sister Karley, Grandmom Sue, Kaitlyn and Matthew…

sue sanibel family beach

Wowee! Congratshellations!!! They said they found them on the Captiva side of Blind Pass under the bridge…right here…

bp captiva pass side

Shelling Sister Peggy and her daughter Laura were finding their own treasures at Blind Pass when they witnessed Kaitlyn’s JUNONIA find and were thrilled for her. That made them bound and determined to find one for themselves too. It’s out there somewhere, girls!

peggy laura shelling girls