seahorse santa

Combing through the BLING. On a SEAHORSE beach grass sleigh, Over the beaches she goes, Laughing all the way! Ho Ho Ho

find a seashorse

Merry Christmas, Mimi! Mimi from Memphis found this beautiful SEAHORSE tangled up in the BEACH BLING grasses by Gulfside City Park.

mimi found seahorse in sea grass

It was like Santa buckled that SEAHORSE up in a open Beach Grass sleigh then sent it on its way for Mimi to find her gift from the sea. There had to be hundreds of other beach combers that walked passed those bundles of BLING but it took Mimi’s patience and keen eye to pick through those weeds to find her beach treasure. I think Santa knew that she would be that special sheller to find it.

mimi sanibel seahorse

Congratshellations Mimi! I am so happy I was there to witness your merry rare find and spend a glorious morning on the beach with you and Al!

sanibel seahorse beach

beach birds sanibel