cone bittersweet coral auger

The shells at Blind Pass Captiva are shifting around so much, it’s going to be difficult to keep you up to date. The shells (BITTERSWEETS, FLORIDA CONES, AUGERS, a JEWELBOX, a CERITH and some CORAL) in the above photo are shells I found right before I found my QUEEN HELMET I showed you on my last post. See how many shells had washed up?

calm water seashells pelicans florida

I had mentioned in my last video that Eileen had found BITTERSWEETS (one of her faves) too but she also found an awesome HORSE CONCH candy, NUTMEG,  CORAL, a NUTMEG  and this is just one of many bright orange CALICO SCALLOPS.

coral bittersweet candy seashells

We also witnessed Rob finding an ALPHABET CONE… but if you look back at the video (CLICK HERE) at around 30 seconds into the movie you can see Rob sift some shells in his shelling backhoe then two bigger shells roll back towards his feet. I think the one closest to his foot is this ALPHABET CONE he showed us. Ha! Crazy, huh?

rob alphabet

Okay, so those photos and video were from 2 days ago but I went back yesterday at low tide again to see what else may have washed up, the shells were just about gone.

Blind Pass Captiva jetty palms

See? Every day is different on our beaches so you have to enjoy everything you see because it might not be there tomorrow. But if all the shells are gone, you have to move on and hunt other places. I did that very thing… I moved on and found their new hiding place…. about a 1/2 mile down the beach on the other side of the jetty rocks. I took this photo to show you how far down on the beach from the jetty rocks I found them…

Captiva beach near Blind Pass

And this is what I found…

seashell strewn beach

olive lightning whelk shells

Joe from Chicago scored with this big awesome LIGHTNING WHELK…

joe lightning whelk captiva

And oodles and caboodles of goodies…

bag of seashells

Teri and Debbie from Indiana were having a field day too…

teri debbie sanibel shell seekers

Fabulous finds Teri!

conch cone olive tulip scallop

And heeeeere comes Johnnie!

johnnie sea shells captiva beach

She found those sweet BITTERSWEETS as well along with more marvelous minis.

Johnnie seashells captiva

This is the beauty of shelling… you just never know where the shells are going to turn up so it’s always a treasure hunt. So who knows! Today, the shell pile could be back again at the jetty rocks like it was 2 days ago. Speaking of which, I took another little video just before I found my QUEENS HELMET (Have you noticed I keep slipping that in? heehee. I’m still thrilled!) so I might as well show you that because the morning was absolute peace. Have a peaceful day!

PS- That would be paint all over my hand in the vid. haha I’ve been painting furniture (obviously white) then I started on painting shells for the upcoming Captiva parade and I’m not so neat so I ALWAYS get as much paint on me as I do my project.