Thanksgiving Candy Cornucopia horse conchs

On this Thanksgiving week, I’d like to give thanks to each and every one of you who have touched my life by hanging out with me here at iLoveShelling. I’m grateful to you for making me feel a part of your lives in this amazing community we’ve created together to share our passion for shelling.

harvest of sanibel seashells

Just in case you are a newbie here, my “harvest” scene is filled with some of the beautiful HORSE CONCH shells Clark and I have collected through out the years on Sanibel. The smaller horsies are orange with a white tip which look just like little candy corns to me… hence the name of this post “Candy Cornucopia”. Get It? Ha!

Anyhoo, I promised I’d show you a few low tide shells that we found at Little Hickory. You are right Kim, it’s been a Cone-acopia (Ha!) lately and Little Hickory didn’t disappoint. See how to find half buried cones at low tide in my next video.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you again and enjoy the video!