Michelle junonia sanibel

Michelle from New Hampshire got a gorgeous gift from the gulf….. a JUNONIA! She said “I still can’t believe I found one!  I was just walking along in ankle deep water that had already be searched by lots of shellers.  My children were having fun exploring the tidal pools and there it was!“. Wowee!  It’s huge!

Michelle junonia sanibel florida

There were shells scattered everywhere on Gulf Side City Park beach where Michelle found her JUNONIA…

conch shells sanibel florida west coast

Most of the shells were live FIGHTING CONCHS but Cheryl (Ohio) was having a great time filling up her pink shell bag with empty shells…

cheryl pink shells sanibel

She found all sorts of great shells!

collection of sanibel seashells

Her favorites were these two KINGS CROWNS…

kings crown shells sanibel florida

These two cutie shellers Matilda and her brother Anton came to Sanibel all the way from Sweden to fill their buckets with goodies. Matilda is holding a beautiful ALPHABET CONE and Anton is showing off a nice bright orange HORSE CONCH.

matilda anton sweden florida shells

Bob (who found a LIONS PAW last year) and Dee (Ft Myers) were finding SEA WHIPS and BEACH BLING

bob dee beach bling

And a fabulous FLORIDA CONE along with a fantastic assortment of all types of seashells…

types of seashells sanibel

And they found dried out MILLIPEDE STARFISH.

millipede starfish sea stars

The Gulf Of Mexico just keeps on giving us gifts of the sea.

liVe fighting conch shells mass