surf shellers collecting seashells

Seashells are back at Blind Pass Sanibel! The beaches of Sanibel and Captiva have been playing the shell game for over a month now. Remember that game? You had 3 shells (although they were walnut shells I believe- ha) in a row then you put a ball under one of the shells, shuffled the shells around then you had to guess which shell the ball was underneath. It was always a guessing game! That’s exactly what we’ve had to do to find the seashells on our beaches lately. Earlier this week we had a nice shell pile at Blind Pass Captiva but now look…

captiva jetty blind pass

There were no shells on the Sanibel side last week but now look…

sifting seashells sanibel florida

I found Carolyn and Jeanne from Oklahoma having a great time just waiting for shells to roll right up to their feet.

carolyn Ok jeanne shelling sanibel

Carolyn was starting to fill her o-so-cute shell bag she made herself…. that matched her suit! Along with the other shells, notice that piece of JUNONIA and a piece of LIONS PAW…

green bag seashells carolyn

She made such a cute bag for Jeanne too. Adorable, right?

hand made shell bag

Jen from Colorado hit the jackpot! She found this awesome empty LIGHTNING WHELK rolling up in the water!

Jen colorado whelk sanibel florida

It is such a pretty light color completely in tact.

lightning whelk jen sanibel bp

I walked under the Blind Pass bridge to find Paul (Indiana) sifting on the edge of the water. He had a little shell pot of gold all to himself.

paul shelling blind pass sanibel INdiana

He said he was already on his third load of finding all sorts of treasures in this one little hole.

sanibel bridge seashells

That’s how you win the shell game.  There are 15 miles of Sanibel and Captiva beaches to hunt for treasures so just keep on moving to uncover clues until you find your very own seashell honey hole.

seashells water blue sky