shell sifters captiva blind pass

I love to find Sit-N-Sifters plopped on top of a gorgeous shell pile when I walk on to the beach at Blind Pass Captiva.

turquoise water seashells florida

This is what gets my heart racing…

seashells aqua sea

A deep pile of seashells just waiting to be sifted and sorted while you can hear more shells in the surf waiting to land on the sand.

seashell beach aqua gulf of mexico

Once I hear the jingling of the shells in the surf or another sheller sifting through the mound of shells, I can start focusing on the different types of shells I want to pick up …like this cutie BITTERSWEET CLAM shell.

Bittersweet clam captiva seashells

Then everything else in this world disappears, my heart calms then my hunt for a beautiful seashell begins.

clear aqua water captiva seashells

This is a video I shot on Thursday which I intended to edit to make it shorter but I couldn’t wait another day to put it up. Now that I downloaded it, I actually think you might like this unedited version. It’s like CYBERSHELLING and CYBER”SEA”ING together. LOL Hmmm. If this next image doesnt have that little arrow  on the screen to tell you the next photo is a video… it is! …. this next image is a video! click it to start playing…

I went back yesterday to see if the shell pile was still there … and low and behold!… I saw shelling sistah Roxanne Reinhart doing the sit-n-sift! She is has been hanging out and commenting on iLoveShelling for it seems as long as I have been posting… so I am so grateful for your encouragement Roxanne! xo  Here she is with her adorable niece Kenna and her brother Kenny…

Kenny Kenna Roxanne shellers captiva

She loves minis so these were her favorite shells – 2 little teeny tiny bright orange SCALLOPS. What I loved just as much was her blue nails. She even had her toes painted in blue too! So cute!

roxanne orange shells blue nails

seashell pile aqua sea

I want to thank all of you for participating in Island Inn’s shelling package in January to sell it out within 36 hours of my last post. Wow! I still can’t believe it! So I do want to apologize for all of you who wanted to join us but didn’t get to so we will be working on getting another shellabaloo date and/or another event to include more shellers. It’s a phenomenal  (or phenomeshell hahah) community, isn’t it?Island Inn Shellathon SOLD OUT