sean danita 15 inch conch

This 14 1/2 inch HORSE CONCH is the find of a lifetime! Sean and Danita found it in the water off West Gulf Drive Tuesday morning… their wedding day. Sean said they both were in the water shelling when he felt something at his feet. He kept digging until the shell dislodged from the sand. It was this empty HORSE CONCH!

horse conch 14

They already felt like they had “the find of a lifetime” when they found each other 8 years ago but had to delay the wedding. Unfortunately from an injury in Iraq serving our country, Sean had to undergo 7 years of recovery which delayed the wedding day. With the beautiful backdrop of a Sanibel sunset Tuesday evening, Sean and Danita were married on the beach in front of their hotel The Blue Dolphin Cottages… right where they found their 14 1/2 HORSE CONCH (yes, I had to repeat the length- its huge!). It looks like Mother Nature offered her best gift of the sea to this happy couple for their love and perseverance.

So in keeping with Shelling Olympic Medals I’ve given through the summer games in London, I’d like to award my final SAND DOLLAR Shelling Olympic Medal for 2012. This would be the highest of all the i Love Shelling Olympic Medals.

The Shelling Medal Of Honor goes to …

Sean and Danita from Ormond Beach, Florida!

sand dollar medal of honor

It was such an honor to meet both of you especially on such an unforgettable day and I want thank you both for your service to our country. Congratulations on your new found treasure and Best Wishes to a long healthy life together!!