Pteria colymbus wing oyster juvenile

I found more shells clinging to SEA WHIPS! This time I found quite a few ATLANTIC WING OYSTERS  hitch hiking on those beautiful SEA WHIPS I talked about on my last post.

wing oyster juvenile

Notice how pearlescent the inside is! I didn’t want to break the two valves apart but you can peek in to see the beauty.

inside atlantic wing oyster

I found quite a few of these attached to the SEA WHIPS I found in the BEACH BLING last month.

sea  shell in sea whip

I know, this WING OYSTER doesn’t look that pretty hanging on to this gorgeous purple WHIP but he would definitely clean up nicely if I chose to untangle him.

wing oyster attached to fan

I’m just always amazed at what I’ve overlooked before.

sea whip wing oyster

I didn’t find all of these on the beach in the last month. I looked through some of my other SEA WHIPS I collected through the years and low and behold… I didn’t even realized I had perfect specimens of ATLANTIC WING OYSTERS wrapped up in my WHIPS.

atlantic wing oyster sea whip

I can’t believe I can’t find the photo (sorry!) …. but at the 75th Sanibel Shell Fair and Show this year there was a display of an ATLANTIC WING OYSTER still attached to a SEA WHIP. I kind of laughed to myself because at first it looked like a dirty purple SEA FAN with some junk not washed off. Then I put on my cheater glasses to look at the display. Cool! A WING OYSTER treasure! I love it- I learn something new every day.

Pteria columbus with gorgonian

After looking closely at the larger double shells, you’ll be able to see that both the sides don’t match. The two valves are completely different sizes and even the shape is different too.

atlantic wing oyster pearl color

You might not think these shells are pretty enough to toss in your shell bag, but at least when you see those SEA WHIPS, you might be able to find a little hidden treasure that most other people would pass right by and never see.

atlantic wing oyster