sanibel shell bag evelyn

There are swarms of seashells on the sand bar at Blind Pass Sanibel.

sand bar shells

I took my first steps on the beach this morning then spotted shellers on the sand bar with shell bags busting at the seams. It wasn’t even a really low tide! It was a 1.36 and usually this sand bar doesn’t start showing until it gets down to a .5 or lower so this was a nice surprise.

collecting seashells sanibel

Wading back to the beach with the seashell loot wasn’t too bad either.

wading water seashells

Evelyn (Delray Beach, FL) was thrilled with her shelling victory.

Evelyn shelling sanibel

Along with FIGHTING CONCHS, COCKLES and WHELKS, she found a SCOTCH BONNET! Great find, Evelyn! Congrats!

Evelyn Scotch bonnet shell

We’ve seen this sand bar change so often, haven’t we? It has built up slowly but I haven’t found the collecting to be as productive in the last months as it has in the past……until this morning! I shot a quick video just to show you how long the sand bar is now and how many people were shelling on it.