captiva shelling Suzanne

 That seashell pile on Captiva’s Blind Pass jetty rocks is the gift that keeps on giving. Suzanne (Ft Myers) found a tiny bright orange HORSE CONCH with that cute little white tip about the same time I found my “candy” too.

horse conch candy

 Get ready, cyber shellers! This is the shell pile I saw my little treasured “candy”. I was doing the Sit ‘N Sift in that big pile when I saw a little sliver of orange peeking through. Can you find it too? (Click the pic to enlarge. It’s a big file so it might take longer to download)

cyber shell captiva

 You got it!

tiny orange seashell buried

 Dave and Colleen (PA) were practically digging to China to strike buried treasure.

digging sea shells captiva

Eureka!  They struck gold! He pulled out a golden HORSE CONCH and said “There are 2 famous lines for shellers. The first one is… ‘Oh my gosh that shell is absolutely gorgeous!’ and the second one is…’Awwww. If this shell were whole, it’d be perfect!’” hahaha How many times have we all said those line??!!!!

horse conch shell mound

 While I was on the shell pile digging around, Clark was in the water with his infamous shelling backhoe…

clark water shell pile

I knew he had something unusual when he came up to give me a shell. A BEAUTIFUL CRASSATELLA! We don’t often find these on Captiva.

beautiful Crassatella

 Another beautiful day in paradise!

Snowy Egret captiva