i heart captiva island florida

I love Captiva Island. I love that an artist made shell beach art like this piece at the entrance to Blind Pass beach. Beach artist, Robert from NJ, made it for his wife for Valentine’s Day. So sweet! Obviously, I haven’t been there in over a week so I missed it. Shame on me! But thankfully he has been grooming it to keep it clean and neat for a whole week for her.. and for us so we get to enjoy it as well.

I have another reason why “i Heart Captiva Island”….

roma's junonia

 Roma (MI) found a JUNONA!

Roma Michigan junonia captiva

She said it was one of the first shells she found this morning near the jetty rocks. It wasn’t completely whole but it is perfect to wrap for a JUNONIA necklace.

roma junonia captiva

 And that’s not it! Sara W found two (!) JUNONIAS at Blind Pass in the last week at Blind Pass as well. It’s so weird they are broken at the same exact spots but then again… perfect for necklaces! She posted this on iLoveShelling facebook page

junonia cobs

Jessica (NY) found a piece of  JUONIA too. Maybe part of Roma’s or Sara’s?

jessica seashell captiva junonia

 Here’s Jessica with Steven and Kathryn this morning on the shell mound this morning…

Steven, Kathryn, Jessica ny shelling captiva

 John (NY) was working the pass side of the jetty and filled his shell bag full of FIGHTING CONCHS.

John Ny fighting conchs captiva

 I had no idea the huge shell pile was back (and has been there for several days) and full of goodies! How did that happen and I didn’t hear a thing about it?? Mother Nature loves to play hide and seek with the seashells!

captiva shell mound

 I found an assortment of treasures right away…

variety of Captiva shells


flat scallop zic zac

While I was checking out everybody’s finds and the big shell mound, Robert was collecting more PEN SHELLS for another shell art project. We look forward to your next master piece!

Robert shelling for beach art

 beach heart