Lego beach drift

I always pick up plastic toys and occasional litter that washes up on our beaches to help keep the beaches clean and safe. Fortunately, we have very clean beaches with minimal litter but some times junk happens. That’s why when I picked up this little LEGO toy, I put it in my shell bag to throw away when I got home. Along my walk, I also saw a few of these little seeds on the beach…

Coin Vine Seed

 I got curious about what plant produces this seed so when I got home I looked in “The Little Book of Sea-Beans and other Beach Treasures” to make sure I had the identification correct for my Beach Bling  page. It turns out it’s a COIN VINE SEED. And this is a WHITE MANGROVE SEED…..

White Mangrove seed sprout

While I was thumbing through the book, I found a story about lost LEGO toys.  How ironic! In 1997, cargo ship Tokio Express lost close to five million LEGO pieces in the Atlantic ocean. I found this LEGO piece and it just so happens, the same day I ran across a story about lost LEGOs that have been found all along coastal shores. Again…How ironic!  So I spent hours surfing the web to find my LEGO identification in hopes that it would be part of the lost cargo. Nahhhh. Some little kid must have lost this new LEGO guy on the beach in Sanibel recently because this toy was made in 2011. Oh well, at least there is one less piece of litter on the beach. I decided to keep this cute LEGO toy to start to my own kicks and giggles jar like Dick and Mary have.

Lego found on the beach