boy with gulls

I love to see little kids enjoying the simple pleasures of beach combing. It’s the amazement on their faces when they see lots of beautiful shells and understand how really special they are. I watched Logan picking up FIGHTING CONCHS like it was an Easter egg hunt.

boy digging seashells

Then something else happened that made the thrill of shelling even more incredible. The whole flock of birds behind him decided to show off. He stood up very slowly not to scare them but to watch.

boy on Sanibel beach with birds

They flew… then soared….. then swirled to completely surround him.

child on sanibel beach with birds

He just stood there taking it all in.

boy on beach watching birds

 Watching this magic moment was the perfect way to start the Thanksgiving week off. But wait…. I turned around to see this precious moment too. Logan’s sister Kayley was on her own shelling misson…

little girl digging beach sand

 Here they are with their cousin Madison. Aren’t they the cutest!!

kids on beach with seashells

 As we are getting ready for Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for the time we get to spend on our beaches to see this joy every day to share with you.

boy with gulls