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It’s gonna be a seashell Christmas!


The beaches have been quiet this past week so being inspired by all of you who have encouraged me to sell some of my designs and photos, I decided to open a new online shop. I started with my Christmas designs since the holidays are right around the corner!

Scallop Christmas

You can have these designs on t-shirts, mugs, Christmas cards, ornaments, coasters and more.

Cone Christmas

 These are great gift items for your favorite sheller or for yourself to brighten the holiday.

Olive want for Christmas

 I also designed a new Sanibel Six logo since we’ve been talking about these great finds all year long. You can now have this design on tees, mugs, coasters too.

Sanibel Six oval

 I will be adding a calendar, I.D. posters and a few other designs like my original i Love Shelling shirt but it  will take a few more days. So I hope you are as excited about this as much as I am but I promise I will get back on the beach this weekend and give you an update. If you already haven’t clicked on one of the photos to take you to the i Love Shelling Shop, here’s the link to shellebrate the new shop.

iLS Shop Cafe Press

 Thank you for your support!!