Robyn milk conch Sanibel

Finding a MILK CONCH on Sanibel is not an every day thing… but Robyn (Toronto) seemed to have luck on her side on her vacation on Sanibel last week because she found a pretty perfect one off West Gulf Drive near White Caps cottages.

Milk Conch on Sanibel

 It is rare that I hear about MILK CONCHS washing up on Sanibel since they are more common in southeast Florida and the Keys. On our trip to the Florida Keys in June, we saw lots of them. I think Hurricane Irene must have had something to do with stirring up those Caribbean waters to push it up here on the west coast of Florida, don’t you? What a find, Robyn! Congrats!

Milk Conch Aperture

Remember I told you she had luck on her side? Not only did she find this MILK CONCH, but she saw a BOBCAT just a few steps from her cottage to capture this magnificent animal through her camera lens. That’s rare too!

Bobcat on Sanibel

 As this lucky girl would have it, A MANATEE surfaced in the water right in front of us as we were standing on the beach looking at her seashell finds and an OSPREY swooped right over our heads. I wasn’t able to get a photo of the MANATEE or OSPREY but here are some of her other treasures…

Robyn Sanibel seashells

… and a few JINGLES and other goodies too.

jingles figs and moon

 I’m telling you…. this chick is like a coolness magnet. I think it all has to do with the magic of her beautiful seashell tattoo that says “Beach Girl” in Finnish.

Beach girl tattoo in Finnish

She told me she comes to Sanibel twice a year with her boyfriend Rick so I can not wait until next time to hear about what she finds!

Rick Robyn Sanibel milk conch